Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let me tell you a Dirty Little Secret!

Hi Readers!
Well my first secret is not dirty at all! In TWO days, on June 20th the Summer Fashion Festival will start. And WoW skins has a lovely gift there (hidden inside an ice cream - go find it). This gift skin is called Aurora. But even better: WoW skins is releasing a lovely new skin there called Azzurra. This lovely skin comes in 3 great skin tones. It is a beautiful skin, perfect for summer and radiating with beauty. The skin looks like delicate porcelain and it is just breathtaking.
These skins are ONLY available at the festival!
And the next secret is not that much a secret either. Freya's Finest is participating in the HYIS7 hunt.  (Hunt for your inner slut and you can find the HINTS & LINKS HERE). Now if you find the hunt item - a golden cock and I do not mean a rooster - you will get this rather sexy set of jewellery: choker and earrings.
Over to my Dirty.little.secret. They are taking part in the current Cart Sale at The Wash or Fabfree headquaters. Nothing on the carts is more than 10 L$ so all items I am showing you below are 10 L$. Dirty.little.secret has for example a set of great shorts there for 10 L$, socks (not shown) and comfy slippers (not shown) and a set of fun hoodies in 3 colours for 10 L$. A pair of skinny jeans and a not tucked shirt for guys for 10 L$ (yes it fits me too). And sexy tops (Lola appliers included) in 3 colours or a set of beautiful lingerie in 3 colours (Lola appliers included) also for 10 L$ each. And a lovley mesh summer dress for 10 L$. Just hop over and grab those goodies!
The lovely ballet strap are by NS Design and they are 100 L$ including the colour change hud to change the texture and colour in many options.