Friday, June 20, 2014

Get totally free ready for summer.

Readers, yesterday was the longest day in the Netherlands (June 19th) and summer is finaly here.
So I am getting ready for summer with cute bathing suits, bikini's, sweet dresses, summer hats and sunglasses.
And today my blog is all from Marketplace and almost all is free.
Let me start with one of my favorites.
This vey cute bikini is by Rosenwolf Design and it is free. Perfect for a day on the beach or at the pool!
And this cute bikini is by  La Sirena and it is also free. The cute sunglasses are by Slik design and they are free. They are also tinable so you can change them to your liking. You can wear them up or down.
The lovely bracelets are by Naive design and they are called Lilly bracelets. They are free and you get 2 versions.
This next bikini is callede Anchors away and it is by Daimare. I love the marine colour with the white trimming! It is free.
Then I found 2 great bikini's at VaVaVoom. This first one is called Riptide and it is free. It is a mesh bikini though, so you might have problems witting it. It is free.
The cute sandals are by Reign and you can find them inside their Gatcha machine at the Hello Sunshine fair. 50 L$ per try.
And this bikini by VaVaVoom is called Baha. This bikini is also mesh and it is also free.
Over to X-Line. They have this cute what they call Beach Dress for free on Marketplace. You get the cute bathing suit and you get the fun beach bag too!
The next bikini is sooo much fun to wear. I love the colours! This bikini is by Tribal Bamboo and it has those lovely Rainbow colours. It is free.
The fun aviator sunglasses are also free and they are by Kelith Store. You get 3 different colours.
The fun shoes are for SLINK mid feet and they are by [R] and they are called Hippy heels. They are free.
Then I found a lovely sexy bikini including a sheer dress. This set is by Kotehok and it is free.

My last find is a simple lovely summer dress. We don't walk around in bikini's all the time do we? This lovely blue dress is by Forever Summer and it is called Blue Springtime flirt dress. And you do want to flirt wearing this dress! The dress is free btw.