Friday, June 27, 2014

I like to shine...

Morning Readers!
Friday again and I hope you want to go shopping this weekend. Summer is here and I just like to shine in fun summer dresses, in sexy bikini's or in elegant gowns. Today no bikini's on my blog (I blogged those before HERE) but you will find cute summer dresses here today. And lovely (free) skins. And elegant jewellery.
I love to shine so I will start with the lovely jewellery you can find at the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till July 5th so you still have time to go over there and find out what great offers they have this round!
I am wearing the Midnight Garden set by Baubles by Phe is a beautiful set with a choker, a head jewel and earrings and you can grab it for just 100 L$ at the Designer Circle.
The lovely dresses are by B!asta and you can find them at the Designer Circle too. They are called Paeonia dresses and they come in 5 great colours for just 75 L$ each!
There is another lovely jewellery set by Baubles by Phe at the Designer Circle. This set is called Fringe set. You get the necklace, the bangles and the lovely hand jewels for just 100 L$.
Over to Pink Cherry. They also have a great offer at the Designer Circle. They have these lovely Chiara outfits on offer for just 100 L$ each and they are so elegant. I am wearing the Esme set by Lazuri with these outfits and this set is colour change, which means you can adjust the metal, small diamonds and pendants to your liking (NOT free).
And then I went back to Fabfree Headquaters to pick up some more gifts there. ALL the outfits I am showing you below are available for free at Fabfree Headquaters and they are generous gifts by different designers. I will give you the name of the designer and a link to their store with the pictures, but remember: the gifts are at Fabfree Headquaters only.
This first lovely boho dress is a gift by Sassy. The elegant hair is also available at Fabfree Headquaters and it is by Chichickie. You get all 4 colours.
The shoes are NOT free and they are by Hollyhood. They are called Pricilla and they are for SLINK high feet.
The jewellery is the Heritage Pearl set by Lazuri (NOT free).
The next dress is by Kamiri and it is called Shakira. It comes with a colour change HUD.
And then I found some awesome skins at Fabfree Headquaters. They are by Avea Heartsick and you get 4 skin tones, a shape and 6 lip glosses. The skin is called Evie.
My last find is from the Summer Fashion Festival which runs till July 6th. There are lots of cottages there from different designers. Most of them have an ice cream cone at the cottage which you can buy for 0 L$ or for 1 L$. Inside you will find incredible gifts, like this lovely summer dress by M&M Female clothes.
The lovely silver bangles are free on Marketplace and they are by Irrie's Dollhouse.
The silver hoops are also from Marketplace and they are by Angelle and they are free too.