Thursday, June 5, 2014

A completely free blog?

Good morning Readers!
A completely free blog, is that possible? Well I am going to try today. I went to Marketplace and found a few great goodies.
So let me start with putting on my walking shoes...cause it is quite a long stroll along Marketplace to pick up all these free outfits. I found this first lovely dress at Destroyer. This lovely green pearl dress is totally free ladies.
And the lovely black pearl set is by JetCity. You get the long Pearls, bangles and a belly piercing, all for free.
And Destroyer also has this cute WHAT! sweater as a gift on Marketplace. With this cute sweater I am wearing Plaid pants by [b][s]. It is a wearable demo but it goes great with the sweater.
Over to a great leather jacket which is a gift by Poison on Marketplace. The jacket is called Whiplash and it comes in a male and a female version. It will go great with the plaid pants above, but I am wearing leopard leggings with this jacket and they are by Coven (free). The fun red chuckers by Asylum in your embassy go great with this outfit and they are also free.
Asylum in your Embassy has some more great free chuckers, these ones come in khaki. With these shoes I am wearing sexy white jeans with a black belt by MelonPie. And a great black jacket by Formis Design. I think I look fab!
The next black & white chuckers are also by Asylum in your Embassy and they are just as the other ones free. They will go great with the white pants above!
I found a great pack of jeans by VA Creations. You will get several colours for free. And the fun sweater is by Prim & Pixels and you can find it on Marketplace for free. It is a wearable demo and it is just fun to wear! Especially because it is free.
I am wearing lovely Tesla Gwyneth shoes with this outfit. You get a fat pack with several colours.
My next find is this lovely black lace dress by Ballyhoo. The dress is free. The lovely pearl set is by Jetcity and you get the Pearls, the bangles and a belly piercing too.
And the last one for today is a fun red hooded dress by Catnip. Thius cute dress is free and it is just fun to wear. Visit the Catnip store to find the same dress in many other colours also for free.