Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Morning Readers,
Today on this lovely Saturday I have the newest 60 L$ offers by Sascha's Designs and the newest half price gown offer by Sascha's Designs for you. And I also have some more free beach outfits for you from Marketplace. And last but not least the new releases by 22769 at L'Accesoire and at Arts in Hats which go great with the beach outfits.
Let me start with the new weekly half price gown by Sascha's Design. This lovely Acacia gown in blue comes with many great skirt options and with a ruffled collar or a shawl option. You can adjust the gown to your liking, modest for an official ball, sexy for an evening at a club! And all of this for just 299 L$ this week only!
Sascha's Designs also has 3 new 60 L$ offers. You can go for this sexy black glitter cocktail dress called Tenderchops, or for a beautiful summer dress called PhisPosh. Or for that fun Poppy Sailor dress, you get 2 skirt options with this dress. All are just 60 L$.
The lovely shoes are by ZoZ and they are called Nora. These shoes are for SLINK mid feet (NOT free).
Then I went to Arts in Hats to take a look at the newest release by 22769. How about that beautiful hat called The golden Rose Crown? Can you see yourself wearing that?
The Art in Hats fair opened on June 14th and more than 80 artists worked together for the largest and most exciting hat event that Second Life ever has seen. Enjoy more than 100 hats, headpieces and images taken with them. (NOT free)
22769 also has these fun necklaces at L'Accesoire. and they are called What Lies Beneath....the necklace comes in 6 colours and they will go great with your beach outfits! (NOT free)
I still had a few fun outfits in my inventory from my latest Marketplace stroll. This first bikini is by Mystygry Mirihi. The set is called Sexy lady at the beach, but the picture on their Marketplace store promisses you more than you get. Just the bikini is included for 1 L$.
The fun aviator sunglassesa are by KE and they are free. You get 3 different colours of these glasses.
And this elegant bikini is by Rosenwolf Design. It is totally free and I just love polka dots, so for me this bikini was perfect!
Over to my last find. After all that swimming you want to get dry and warm. And you will need a towel....this one is from Towel; day 2012, but towel is towel and it is nice fluffy, warm and free. The wrapped towel is by Pop shop.