Thursday, June 13, 2013

YAY I am back !

Hi readers, yes I am back, but not really into blogging again. I have to find some new goodies for you all, and guess what? I am starting with a lot of goodies by WoW skins. They have a huge pack with all their previous group gifts at the store ! You get so many skins that you really won't be able to chose which skin to wear first! There is even a skin with great lingerie, and the October gift is a complete avatar, including eyes, jewellery and all (the hair and shoes are not included). Joining this group is NOT free. I think the enrollment fee is 150 L$ or maybe a bit more (I joined the group when they had a free time to join). But totally worth to join, WoW skins also has a lot of group lucky boards and the letters change fast!
The lovely hair I am wearing with these skins is by Modern Couture and it is called Yasmin (200 L$). The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri, called the Josephine set. This set is colour change which means you can change the metal, the centre gems, and the other gems too. Which means you can adjust the set to every outfit you are wearing!
The lovely shoes are by Baby Monkey and they are called Kalia. They are a new release so NOT free, but they come with a hud so you can change the colour.

The newest group gift at WoW skins is the lovely Nahia skin in 2 tones.
Then WoW skins has the lovely Niani skin at the SL Fashion week event. The shape is also available.
And the Nancy skin is the newest release by WoW skins.

Rockberry also has a few great lucky boards and chairs ladies and with a little patience I got these 2 lovely Apple skins there. The letters change every 3 minutes so you don´t have to wait too long to win one )or more'.