Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello skinny love...

Hi there readers.
I was looking at my pictures, which were ready to blog, when I started singing this song... Skinny love. It actually has nothing to do with the stuff on my blog except the
name. Skins only here goes.
These first skins are by WoW skins. They have changed their lucky board skins and while I was standing there I got all but two (I didn't get the Erika not the Faiza skin). There are 7 group lucky boards with the skins below.
There are also 2 MIDNIGHT MANIA Boards, don't forget to click those.

Joining the group is 200 L$ BUT there is a black box on the floor next to the official group joiner (and the group gift) with ALL previous group gifts.
I am showing you the newest WoW group gift too, called Nahia. You get 2 skin tones.
The next skins are a new release. They are by Hot Stuff and they are called Castel skins. The skins are 250 L$ each, but very worth the lindens ladies. I am showing you all skin tones below.

Then I got the group gift by Modish, which is called June skin in the skintone Dune. Free for group members. As I joined long ago I don't know if the group is still free to join.
The next  skin is from one of the many many lucky boards at Mother Goose. Just stand there for 15 minutes and you will have so many skins to chose from! I just got one, was my unlucky day I guess. The skin is called Barbara.
Another store with some lucky boards is The Lost. I got this Kami skin & shape there. The boards are non group, so no need to join. You get all skin tones and the shape too.
And then I decided to have a look at the Marketplace skins & shapes. You can find many there for free, like these ones by Tuty's. They have some awesome free skins, like this Josie skin. You get so many make up options....I can't even show them all. In this huge pack you find all make up options and 2 styles of skin.

Or this Tuty's skin, which is called Nadia. It is also free and you get the sun kissed version in 10 make up versions OR you can go for the pale version, which I am showing you below.!

The next skin is called Alice2 and this skin is also free on Marketplace. The skin is by Heaven's Gate skins and you can chose two versions. VERSION 1 or VERSION 2 (which is a different make up version). I am showing you version 1, the shape is included.
The last find is from Marketplace too. It is by Natural Beauty and the skin is called Sissy. The shape is also included.