Sunday, June 23, 2013

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that...

Hello readers, on this lovely Sunday I have some awesome goodies for you, but also some sad news. Bliss, one of my favourite shops for ages, is closing. They are having a huge closing sale where you can get their beautiful design for a low price. But they also have a great thank you gift to all customers, this elegant pink gown. It is called Bliss Blessing gown.
The lovely pearl set is the Shaina fresh water pearl set by Lazuri (not free, but you can colour change it so you can wear it with every outfit).

Purple Moon has a lovely new gift for their group members ladies. This elegant silver gown is a great present! Thank you Poulet, the gown is simply lovely.

Then I got this great 60 L$ dress by SLC. They have plenty 60 L$ offers, one of them is this Pleated summer Dress, in several lovely colours. I am showing you just 2 of the colours. The lovely jewellery is an older group gift by Lazuri.

SLC also has great pants on offer for 60 L$. They are called Riana pants and they also come in several colours. The top I am wearing with these pants is another 60 L$ offer by SLC. The top also comes in many colours and it is called Cherilyn.

Over to another great outfit, this one is by NS. Nani has put a great pair of shorts in her in world store for just 1 L$ and I found the top in her Marketplace store, also for 1 L$.

The next outfit is a very sexy shirt with socks and it is the gift from the Midnight Mania board at Rawr. Just get your friends over and start clicking, it doesn't need too many clicks :) The outfit is called: He is mine tonight !

Somehow I landed at Freeb's Rascal. I never had been there before but to my surprise they had a few cute freebies as a gift for group members. Joining is free. Look below what I found, great shoes by Lourdes of London, a beautiful colour change necklace and a sexy mesh Zebra top.

The next necklaces are a gift by The Lost. One is a logo necklace, the other has a sweet China doll as a hanger. The Lost also has several lucky boards ladies!! No group needed.

My last find is  a great outfit and a pair of matching shoes. In black & white, my favourite colours. I found both on Marketplace and the shoes are by SD, retro black & white stilettos. They are 1 L$. The outfit WAS free when I got it, a few days ago but it is 60 L$ now. It is by FLG and it is still called GIFT....I truly hate it when this happens...
The bag is not included, the hat is included though.