Sunday, May 19, 2013

My last post for the next 3 weeks...

Hi there readers, the next 3 weeks there will be no blog because I am leaving on a well deserved vacation. But before I go I want to show you some more gifts from the Colour Explosion hunt, some more finds from the Designer Circle and I want to let you know that WoW skins has a new location with some great (group) lucky boards!!
So let me start with the Designer Circle. In the Designer Circle a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ or less. The Designer Circle runs in rounds and this round is #54. It runs till May 25th, so if you see something you like on my blog don't wait too long to get it!!
This first outfit is by Sassy. You can get the cropped top and the pants at the Designer Circle for 75 L$ each. As you can see I am waving hello from my vacation destiny :)

What else did I find there? I found some great Yoga outfit made by Eyelure at the Designer Circle.  This set is 99 L$ at the Designer Circle ladies. I am wearing cute deck shoes by Baby Monkey with this outfit (new release, not free). So I went to my private ZEN garden to do some yoga and relax....

To wear with the pants above, or with the cute pants Sassy has at the Designer Circle you can wear this great top by Wertina. The top is available at the Designer Circle. (80 L$).
I also found some great spiked collars, great to wear with a leather jacket and jeans for that tough look, or with a lovely evening gown to create a contrast. They are by Pure Poison and you can find them at the Designer Circle. 99 L$ per colour.
At the Designer Circle you can also find this great shape by Anna Shapes. The shape is called Penelope and I am showing you my own shape next to it so you can compare how tall this Penelope shape is. My shape is rather small, 5 ft 3 or 1.65 m.
Then I found a LOT of poses at the Designer Circle. I am using the poses I find there a lot on my blog, all poses I use are mentioned to the right. But these ones are by Frozen Poses and they are called Lingerie poses. 90 L$ for these

The next poses are by {Co*Motion} and they have 2 sets on offer at the Designer Circle. They are 100 L$ per package. The cute bare feet are a hunt gift at B-Uniq in the What do you Sell hunt (you are looking for a red question mark).

Over to REO-G. If your deepest desire is to see how you will look when you are old youi should hop over to the store and take a look. They have 5 lucky boards with old man and old women avatars. They really made me smile and yes, that is ME in those avatars! I was so lucky to get 3, one female one and 2 males...
On every Friday the group gifts and the voting gifts at Alli & Ali Hair change and this week there are some awesome ones to get! You can find the gifts at the Alli & Ali main store. With this elegant Ninifee hair I am wearing the newest group gift by M's Avon. Great sunglasses for him & her and a resizable pair is included too.
Alli & Ali hair also has some 1 L$ offers on Marketplace. I am showing them below, the names are linked to the stores. All these offers are for a limited time, so don't wait too long to get them.
Elise hair.
Loreen hair.
Wando hair.
Then I stood a bit at the WoW skins lucky boards. The boards are group boards and joining is not free, but totally worth it. WoW Skins has great group gifts and the letters on the lucky boards change fast. Look what I got below:

Sometimes all a girl need is a beautiful skin and some lovely jewellery. How about if you wear the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions with the great skins above? Wouldn't that be great?
My hunting sometimes takes me to places that have very cute lucky boards or midnight mania boards. I landed at Simply Magik and they have many midnight mania boards with great gifts! Below is what they send me after the boards closed.

Then I did my last hunting in the Colour Explosion hunt. In this hunt you are looking for a colourful splash of paint. There is a HINT & LINK page available in case you get stuck or you need help. The hunt runs till May 31st.
So I landed at Pink Sugah (#27 in the hunt) and found the splash there. Inside was a very sexy purple top!
Then I hopped over to Egocentrikax, which is #88 in this hunt. They also have a great top as a gift hidden inside the splash.
Another store which is participating in this hunt is #84, Brandi's intimates. They give you 2 undies if you can locate the splash at their store, so you have something to wear with the lovely tops above.
The next store I went to is #86, Lily's Boutique. If you can find the splash of paint there, this great outfit is your to wear ladies. It is such a cute romper, I love the colour too! Perfect for summer.

Over to another great outfit. This very colourful 80th outfit is the gift in the Colour Explosion hunt at Pekas. I really was feeling back in the 80th when I put it on....come lets go dancing...(#91 in the hunt).
There are so many great gifts in this hunt that I couldn't stop hunting ladies. I just love the bright colours, the great designs and the fun of the hunt. Anyway, this next outfit, which you can wear as a short dress, or as a top & pants outfit, is hidden inside the colour splash at #93 Winterwood.
And what do you think about this black dress with colour splashes all over it? Isn't that a fun dress? I LOVE it...but then again I am a sucker for little black dresses, and as I am a RL painter, for colour paint splashes too! So hop over to #98 Dotties and find that splash to get this dress. 

At #94, Celtic Wolf, you get 2 gifts ladies if you can find that splash of colour. One is for males, you may guess which one, and one is for us is totally worth it to find that splash with your partner and go dancing together after the hunt!

This next dress is by LooLoos Costumes, #100 in this hunt. It is a very complete outfit which they give away as a present in the Colour Explosion hunt, because even the booties are included. Isn't that a great gift?

Then I went to Nasty Doll, #85, to find the splash at their store. Inside I found this great ear piercing in bright colours! Come on ladies, the splashes are not that hard to find...and I know you want this piercing too...
My last find for today was at #101, the Happy Hat. They have a cute freebie hat at the entrance of the shop, and they have a colour explosion hat hidden inside their splash of this you will get 2 happy hats!

HAPPY SHOPPING LADIES, and see you all in 3 weeks....