Friday, June 28, 2013

Gizza group gifts and LIV-Glam group gifts

Good morning readers.
I will be away for 2 days, having a RL painters workshop. Which means no blogging...but I still had some group gifts lingering in my inventory and they are still available for you too. Just 2 stores today: Gizza and LIV-Glam. I am a member of both groups so I have no idea if joining is still free. But you can decide whether it is worth to join either one group!
Let me start with  LIV-Glam. They have many great group gift and I will just show you below what I got there.


The next stop was Gizza and they have many group gifts for their group members. I am just showing you the last 3 I picked up as I have been blogging the previous group gifts before. The light green outfit at the bottom is actually the MALE April gift...but I am not complaining...