Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Finally summer?

Hello readers,
Can you all tell I am longing for summer? Well I am so this blog will be a summery blog.
So let me start with the lovely new group gift you can pick up if you are in the Ashmoot group. There is a sunny yellow female one, and a great male tee shirt, which I am wearing as a short dress. He won't mind I hope?
The elegant bare feet are by N-Core (not free).

The next sunny bikini's are by NS and they come in several colours and textures. I am showing you just 2 because I love them They are 50 L$ each. The lovely hair is a new release by Tameless, called Danielle.

And NS also has some great leggings for just 38 L$ each. I styled them with a free top by HOC Industries (the free stuff is outside the store. If you are facing the store, go to the left).
The around-the-neck-head phones are also by NS and they come in 4 colours.
Thinking of summer you might consider to get a new or a different skin. Why not hop over to WoW skins? They have plenty lucky boards, however they are GROUP lucky boards and I have no clue how much the enrolment fee is. (thank you readers, fee is 200 L$)
But if you look at all the skins below, and if you look at all the lovely group gift skins, it is totally worth to join WoW skins! And next to the official group joiner there is a huge box with ALL previous group gift why are you still here?
The skins below are all from the lucky boards.

Al Vulo is also giving away a great skin to their group members. The skin is called Aisha Barbie dark brown.
And so is JeSyLiLo, this great skin is their newest group gift and it is called April group gift. The freckle layer is NOT included, I got it from Glamorize for 5 L$ a long time ago.
My friend Ember gave me 2 great skins by Glam Affair at the Arcade. I went there and found out there are a LOT of skins there, each is just 100 L$. So maybe you want to hop over and take a look. There are also skins from other designers available (Belleza and WoO). Thanks Ember :)
The Glam Affair skins are #7 and #8 and you get 4 skins in one package.

OK last shop for today, it is way too hot to sit behind my PC too long. Summer SHOES!!! I joined the Felicity group some time ago and actually forgot a bit about their many group gifts. The boxes on the shop floor are all group gifts ladies, almost from every design one colour is free for group members! Look below what I got there.
Gianna in green.
 Kelsey Magenta.
Monique in green. 
Nadine in blue.
Olivia in brown.
And please let me know what you think about my blog.