Saturday, June 15, 2013

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Hello readers.
A little bit of this and a little bit of that makes life interesting don't you think? So today my blog contains a bit of everything. Lovely gowns, for free and not so free, some great free hair, and some lovely 60 L$ offers...
Perfect for a Saturday afternoon shopping!
Let me start with the great gowns 22769 has at the Gallery Gift shop. They are not free, but they are so great to wear and style! There is a DEMO available to try before you buy.
I styled these mesh gowns with the lovely Josephine set by Lazuri. The gems, metal and beads are colour change, so the set goes perfectly with every outfit you have! The gowns are called Keira and they are 160 L$ each.

The next gowns are free and I found them on Marketplace. This first gown is called Narcissa and it is by Black Sin. The gown is free. The lovely hair is a new release by Tameless and it is called Leticia. It is not free, but the packs with 16 colours are just 249 L$.
The next gown is called Ocean gown and it is by Dashwood. This gown is also free! Can you believe that? The lovely matching jewellery is by RealEvil Industries and it is called Celeste.
If you like a cocktail dress better than a gown, maybe this next dress by Dashwood is the one for you. This elegant dress is called Raven and it is free.
Over to some more great dresses. These ones are by SLC and they are their 60 L$ weekend offers. So don't wait too long to grab these dresses ladies! They come in many lovely colours and they are mesh, but they fit perfectly.

The next outfits are gifts by Purple Candy and they are free. The lovely short dress is in a box on the floor, the corsets are a group gift (joining is free).

And this sexy romper is free on Marketplace ladies. It is by OMG Fashion and it is called black ruffled body. Goes great with jeans or pants, or with a cute skirt....I found the skirt on Marketplace and it is by Bad Seed Boutique. The great shoes go perfect with this outfit and they are by Je t'aime, sexy high heels Aphrodite.

Over to the last outfit I found on Marketplace. This great set of capri, top and shoes is called Poisonred Candy and it is totally free on Marketplace. I wanted to wear some glasses with this outfit, so I found these also on Marketplace for free, and they are called Rayed.

After all these outfits I bet you are longing to get some great hair to wear too! Well I found you a few about this great up do to wear with the gowns? It come sin all colours and it is by Amacci and free. Amacci also has a set of free hair bases on Marketplace.
The purple hairdo is by Anara Hair and it is called Talia. You get this lovely purple shade, but I changed the colour in edit and got myself a red version...