Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Take a walk with me along Marketplace...for your next summer outfit...

Hell Readers!
Today I took a long walk along Marketplace and I found some awesome goodies for you all. I looked especially for summer outfits and things...so I hope you will like my finds.
The first one is actually not my find, but my friend Tammie's find. Thanks so much Tammie! These great full perm boots are by Meli Imako and they are free! Can you believe that? The boots are called Pleaser Boots, and  they are Mesh boots, textured and ready to wear with alpha layer and shoe base.
Boots have 7 faces: body, front part, lace rings, ribbons, heel, sole and lace. Each part can be customized separately. My guess is they won't be free for long...so hurry to get hem if you like them!

Over to the summer stuff. When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Well I think of bikini's, sun tanning, long days at the pool with cool drinks, long evenings with friends in an elegant dress, a walk along the boulevard in a fun beach dress, sunglasses, bikini's, tans...so let me start with some awesome bikini's...
This first outfit is by Bubbly and it is called Black skull top and bikini. It is 1 L$ but hey...you can wear it all summer!

The next bikini is by Dead Dollz and it is also 1 L$. The name of this cute bikini is Awakening swim suit. The lovely hat is also from Marketplace and it is called Amalia hat. You get 2 versions for 1 L$.
Over to another great outfit. This one is by Aperture Studio and it is has a very long name but a very small price: 1 L$. You get the bikini and also the love.ly heels with a colour change hud.

Then I thought it was time to get some summer skins. I found quite a few on Marketplace. This first one is by Shine and it is called Lana skin. It is an old skin and shape (yes that shape is included) which has been updated. In the box you will find both, the new one and the old one for free. The lighter skin is the updated version.

Another store that has great skins on Marketplace is Panda Punx. They have a few great skins & shapes for free. Like this one, which is called Kimmie. 2 shapes are included.
And this great skin is also by Panda Punx, and it is called Miranda. You get the beautiful skin and the shape is also included.
Over to sunglasses. One of the essential things you need in summer! I found quite a few on Marketplace ladies, so brace yourself and start looking for the perfect pair of shades for you!
This first pair of sunglasses is by Pinpin Peccable and it is called Adjustable aviation sunglasses. They are totally free, and like the name said: they are tintable in any way you like. The hud is included.
The cute hair is Pifa hair by Alli & Ali hair, which I changed into a red version in EDIT.
And this next one is by Gnu Curry and this pair is called Posh sunglasses. They are for guys and gals...so your partner can have a matching one :)
Over to DERP. They have these RIOT sunglasses as a free gift and they come in 14 colours and 14 glasses...so you can mix and match and create a pair you really like, or one that fits your todays outfit...it is fun playing with them! 
The next glasses are by Koguma Kumaki and they are also free.  They are called Optino 3 and the fun part is that they are colour change too...
I found some more sun glasses and these ones are by Slik Design. They are small glasses and you can wear them on your nose or up, by touching them.
These heart shaped glasses are by Steinwerk and they are free too. You can play around with these ones too and change the colour of the frame, glasses or of the small bows on the frame.
The last pair for today are glasses you can wear to your fav football, baseball or all other sport events. Actually they are Dutch, as the name of our Royal House is "from Orange". Hence the colour. But they are just fun to wear with the cheering audience reflected in the glasses! They are free and you can find them at TL Design.