Thursday, June 27, 2013

Take a walk along Marketplace...

Hi readers,
Today again a blog with a lot of outfits, hair and other cheapies from Marketplace. I can't help it, it is one of my favourite places to shop! And what did I find there? Some great summer outfits, some great summer dresses, some awesome gowns for those late summer evening dances, some cool hair...just what a girl needs in summertime.
Let me start with a cute summer dress by Feyda. They actually have 2 great dresses on Marketplace. Why these ones? I blogged them before and they somehow vanished from Marketplace. I found them for those readers who send me a note back then: here they are again...You can find the FLOWER one here, and the BLUE one here (free).
The top sandals are by Energy (3 pairs for 300 L$) and the lower sandals are included with the blue dress.

If you are wondering which hair I am wearing: I found some great hairstyles on Marketplace. They are all 3 by Me-I and the first set is called Ana red. This is the hair I am wearing above. All hair is free.
The next set is called GG (B) all colour. Like the name says: you get ALL colours (just showing you a few).
And the last set is called Yuki (B) red and they are also free.
The next cute summer dress is by Little Fish and it is called Viki set. Just 1 L$ for this lovely set ladies The hat is a mesh hat called Amalia and it is also 1 L$ on Marketplace.
Over to another more tough looking outfit for summer. This great set is called Katzee and it is by Paint. A great set and the cute boots are included. You can get all of this for just 1 L$. You get the sexy top, the jacket for colder evenings and the pasties so you won't cause a row on the boulevard.

I also found a very cute romper on Marketplace. This romper is by Koko and it is free. Perfect to wear on a day at the beach with cute sandals and a pair of sunglasses.
Then I found this cute set on Marketplace. I love the red and white stripes and the cute shorts. It is by AT1L and the set is called Wally. 1 L$ for this set ladies.
In the evening after a day shopping or sun tanning you want to go out and have fun with your friends. So get that great beach dress or fabulous gown out of your closet and put on those dancing shoes! How about this elegant gown by Malik's Dark Creations? It is free and the shape is included with the gown.
The next gown is by Augusta Creations and it is a simple black & white gown. Perfect to wear to every club or ball room will be the belle of the ball! Just 1 L$ to feel this good ladies.
The lovely jewellery set is by Sadalbari and it is just 1 L$.

And Liwen has this beauty for you all...It is called Inspiration green and you have to pay 1 L$ to have this gown in your closet. The lovely diamond jewellery is by LC Fashion and it is called Spirit of sun. You can find the NECKLACE here and the Earrings HERE.

Over to Shar gowns. Shar has this lovely soft pink gown for free on Marketplace. It is actually a Valentines gown, but I loved it from the moment I put it on...The silver bangles I am wearing are by DH and they are free.
To wear with these great gowns Alli & Ali hair has the perfect hair do's. How about this lovely hair which is called Natasha. It is free...
Or how about this hair, which is called Carissa. It is also by Alli & Ali hair.
The cute necklace is by ArisAris and it is called Key to my apartment and it is also free.