Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Some group gifts, some freebies and I feel like a bride...

Good morning dear reader. It is early Wednesday morning here and I am looking at myself in the lovely gown by The White Armory. Am I getting married? No! But I do feel like a blushing bride (which is the name of this lovely gown). This beauty is the group gift at The White Armory.

I found some more great group gifts and as I started with a gown, I will just put the beautiful gown Bliss gives out as a group gift. It is a huge gown, but the lace is so delicate and so lovely, that it is a pleasure to wear.
Then I hopped over to Azul and they also have a gown as a group gift, But not only a gown! You also get a sexy short version to wear!

This cute dress is a gift from the Midnight Mania board at Morea. Just a simple lovely sexy black dress. There is a shawl (mesh) available too, but I couldn't get it to fit right, so no picture of that!
And what does a girl need with a lovely gown? Make are right. So I got this great set of make up by White Widow.
And what more od you need? YES! SHOES of course! Below is the newest group gift by Mary Jane Shoes.
And WOW N-Core has a new group gift too! Their shoes are amazing, and so is their group gift!
Another group gift are these shoes by ChOoOz....great pumps to wear with a summer dress or a lovely colourful gown.
Over to S@bbia. They have a lot of group gifts and they also have 2 lucky boards. I got some great sandals from the lucky board!
And this SKIRT and the bag are group gifts by S@bbia. The top is a free top by Jane. The sweet dress is also a group gift by S@bbia, so it the sun flower top.

Then I still had some left overs in my inventory from my stroll along Marketplace. This sweet dress is by CK and it is called Summer free dress. And it IS free ! Doesn't it make you feel to go on a walk through the park in the sunshine?

The next link is one I got from Ember Tuquiri and she send it to me because it made her smile so much. Guess what? It made me smile too! Thanks Ember....I love the evil broccoli necklaces by EntecMedia.
If you like another style of necklaces maybe the one I found at Kosh on Marketplace is the one for you? It is made out of leather and just perfect to wear with jeans and your fav shirt. 1 L$ to wear this great necklace.
This necklace is perfect to wear with the great complete avatar I found at Koko. You get the complete works, skins, hair, shape, clothing and shoes...for free!