Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Designer Circle round 53, a group gift skin and some more goodies from Marketplace.

Dear readers, WoW skins had a free group join till May 3rd. I hope you took the chance to become a group member because their May gift is the lovely Kesia skin! And they have a lot of lucky boards and midnight mania boards too!
The lovely hair I am wearing is by Elikatira, there is a huge sale still going on, and most hair is 75 L$. This hair is called Caramel.
I also got this great Lilia skin from the WoW skins lucky boards.
The Designer Circle is having their 53rd round and this round runs till May 11th. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs there! A great way to fill your inventory with great designs for a low price ladies!
So let me start with HollyHood. They have a pack of 2 great overalls at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ and they have these great matching Hermes sandals there too, also for 99 L$.

The next outfit is by Immerse and it is available at the Designer Circle and it is called Tia Su-Liu Mulberry. You have to pay 100 L$ to wear this dress. The cute hair is by Calico Ingmann Creations and it is also available at the Designer Circle for 100 L$. You get a HUGE fat pack with many options. The jewellery I am wearing is by Lazuri (was a group gift, no longer available).
Over to Mu-Shi Doll, they have these 2 great dresses at the Designer Circle. Each colour is just 95 L$ and they are so much fun to wear! You can style them with lovely jewellery, like I did, or you can just wear them plain. The jewellery I am wearing is the lovely Shahy set by Lazuri (not free). The lovely hair is from the hair sale at Elikatira and it is called Abbey. All hair there is just 75 L$.

If you are looking for some new special jewellery maybe the lovely Daenerys earrings by Fulo are just the thing you are looking for. They are available at the Designer Circle for 99 L$. The lovely updo is called Mayim and it is from the hair sale at Truth. Most hair is just 75 L$ there and some is just 35 L$.
The lovey up do above would go GREAT with the elegant gown Wertina has on offer at the Designer Circle. The gown is called PreSummer dress and it is on offer for just 80 L$. It also comes in pink. It is a very soft and flowing gown, perfect for spring. Very feminine too!
Over to another great elegant gown which is available at the Designer Circle. This gown is by Vivace and it is called Katta in tan. It is 100 L$. The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri, it is the free Classic Pearl set with the 99 L$ double strands pearl necklace.
If you are not really into gowns, Vivace is also offering a complete different set at the Designer Circle. This set not only holds pants and a top but also a very nice tattoo. You can grab it at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$.
Over to my Marketplace left overs...Let me start with some great capri pants. They are by KOSH and they are just 1 L$ per pack. You get a choice of colors, I am just showing you 2 of them. The great shirt is by Elle Intuition and it was free....but again the price changed to 250 L$.....I have no clue why this happens. The cute hair is Ylva by Alli & Ali Designs and it is free for a limited time.
However I found a few other shirts to wear with these pants. How about these [Dumb Blond] Lush tops? The whole pack is just 1 L$. The pants I am wearing are by Ely. You are not only getting the pants, you are also getting a great top with these pants, and a belt, for just 1 L$.
Or you can grab these 9 sweaters. They are by [Gifts home] and they are totally free.

The next outfit is a schoolgirl outfit by HOS. It is free, there is also a male uniform available. The great hair is by Edelstore and it is called Heidi.
My last find for today is a very sexy short lace dress by Vivid Flirtatious. This lovely dress is just 1 L$ and you get 2 colours. There is a Lola Tango applier included.