Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Do I look skinny to you?

Hello readers, I know the title is a very lame title, but hey what can one do? I just have loads of skins to blog...if you know a better title please let me know?
Today I am, like I already said, going to blog a lot of skins. But also more Designer Circle.
Let me start with the cute Dotty dress, which was at the Designer Circle LAST round. I forgot to blog it, sorry to Blink2Wink...but I love the dress so much that I hopped over to the Blink2Wink store and found it there for 125 L$! The lovely jewellery is the Classic Pearl set by Lazuri, which is free. The double strand pearl necklace is also by Lazuri and it is 99 L$. The hair is from the hair sale at Truth, called Vivienne (75 L$). My regular skin is by Unique Megastore and it is called Wendy (NOT free) and I am wearing a freckles layer by Glamorize with it (cheap).

The next cute skirt is by Step Inside and it is called Vito skirt. You can find this skirt at the Designer Circle for 99 L$. The offers at the Designer Circle are available till May 11th ladies, so don't wait too long! The cute hair is Caramel from the hair sale at Elikatira (75 L$).
Step Inside also has some GREAT skins at the Designer Circle. The skin is called Coco and there is a shape available too and a parted lips version. The skin is 99 L$. The cute hair is Meela hair by Calico Ingmann Creations and it is available as a fat pack at the Designer Circle for 100 L$.

If you would like another shape, at the Designer Circle are 2 great shapes available. This first one is by CoCo Sands and it is called Cory shape. 100 L$ at the Designer Circle ladies.
And this shape is by Surrogates and it is called Monique shape. It is available at the Designer Circle for 99 L$. The eyes are also included.
WoW skins is having a huge sale and they have many group Lucky boards and also Midnight Mania boards. And I do love WoW skins...But first I will show you the Gaia skin & shape, which WoW Skins has at the Whore Couture Fair. The on-going WoW skins sale (50% discount) is really worth to take a look at ladies. 50% is a not to miss discount.

The next skins are from the WoW Skins lucky boards or from their Midnight Mania boards. Joining the group is no longer free, but totally worth the fee. Just think about the cost of ONE skin?

Over to the newest group gift by AlVulo. This great Aisha skin is their gift to all group members.
The next skins are group gifts by JeSyLiLo. The top one is the Aprille gift, the middle one is Asin group gift and the bottom one is OlegDouValentin group gift.

The last find for today are the lucky boards at Mother Goose. The letters change every 3 minutes and I stood there for about half an hour...and got all these great skins below!