Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Designer Circle, round 54, and some more finds

Morning readers, The 54th round of the Designer Circle started, and this round runs till May 25th. At the Designer Circle nothing is over 100 L$. A lot of great designers put their designs there for a very low price, a great way to fill your inventory with super designs for a bottom price!
This first lovely gown is by Vivace and it is called Isabella gown. You can find it at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$. The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri and it is the Queen of Hearts set, which you can find in the sale department. The Queen of Heart is colour change, you can change the metal, and the gems.

Vivace also has a cute black dress, called Stefania,  on offer at the Designer Circle. It is just 99 L$.
The next gown is also available at the Designer Circle and this gown is by Amarelo Manga. A lovely lace gown, perfect for those summer dances.
Amarelo Manga also has a beautiful jewellery at the Designer Circle, set which is a great match with this gown. The gown and the jewellery set are each 100 L$.
Over some really cute cocktail dresses. They are by BlahBlahBlah and they are called Eva dresses. They come in many lovely colours and they are just fun to wear. I love the diamond belt that comes with this dress. You can find it at the Designer Circle for 99 L$. For these 99 L$ you get 9 colours, and 2 pairs of great lace stockings! The shoes are Audrey pumps by Baby Monkey (not free) and the jewellery is again the Queen of Hearts set by Lazuri (blogged above).

If you like a more casual outfit, Abia Cappalini has 2 great outfits at the Designer Circle for just 90 L$ each. You can chose the orange or the green one, both are simply lovely. The cute white flats are included.

To wear with these cute dresses HollyHood has some great shoes at the Designer Circle. What do you think about these elegant Chained heels with sparkle? They go great with the lovely gowns. There is a pedicure hud included. For 99 L$ they are yours.
Hollyhood also has these fun sandals at the Designer Circle. They are called Earth blend roman sandals and they are just 99 L$.  I would wear them to the beach thoug, or with a more casual outfit.
Then I found this great outfit at the Lucky Boards at Delirium Style! You need to be patient till your letter comes up, but each one of the outfits in this board is great! There is a male board too. The cute boots are included.

Over to the Colour Explosion Hunt. You have to find a splat of paint at the participating stores to get the lovely gifts ladies. To help you I will put the HINT & LINK page here, so you won't get stuck! I didn't get stuck when I landed at Aidoru , the store of my friend Jara. She is giving away 2 lovely necklaces to each person that finds the blob at her store. The larger one is actually for guys, but I liked it for me too! Thanks Jara!
Another store which is participating in this hunt is #38, Simply Magik. They have a fun colourful dress hidden inside their blob of this hunt ! Go find it if you like to wear this dress!

And the next dress is the hunt gift at #33, Lurve. A fun dress to wear because you can chose to wear it plain or with polka dots! Just depending on your mood ladies.
Over to nMh Design. They are #25 in this hunt and they have a gift that will  make you smile. I love this hunt so much because there are so many bright and fun gifts in this hunt and this dress is most certainly one of the fun ones. And you just have to locate that blob to own this fun dress.
If you can find the blob at Urban Panda ( #37) you will be the proud owner of this elegant summer dress with hat with a butterfly on top! Wow a very nice gift....it is so flowing and so sweet!
My last find for today is the outfit I found at Pink Sugah. It is their gift in the Colour Explosion Hunt ladies and all you have to do is go hunting for that blob at their store!! The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri (was a former group gift).