Friday, May 3, 2013

Some great 60 L$ offers, some new hair, a hunt gift and ...oh well....

Hi there readers. Some days I find quite a lot of great offers or free stuff and some days it is just hard to find anything at all. But the last days are great. There are a few shops with great 60 L$ offers, Tameless Hair has released 2 great new hairdos, there are a few sales in hairshops going on and Ashmoot is participating in the Colour Explosion hunt. And I found some more goodies on Marketplace.
Let me start with the very cute new hairdos by Tameless Hair.  This first hair is called Emily and you can get a DEMO VERSION here. There are 3 color packs available: Naturals with all 16 natural colors, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 16 fantasy colors.  Each color pack is $249.  The Mega Pack with all colors are $499L.
As you can se ethe hat is color change.
I am wearing the classic pearl set by Lazuri with these hairs, which is also colour change, and a lovely blouse which is one of the 60 L$ offers at SLC (will be blogged more below).

The same goes for their Tansy hair. You can get a DEMO VERSION here, and you can find the hair in the Tameless mainstore. The hairband is colour change.
Then there are 3 great new 60 L$ offers at Sascha's Design. You can chose a great houndstooth coat, called LaurenB. Or you can go for the great cocktail dress called Luna pink. Or if you like panst more, grab that great Spotted dick set for just 60 L$. Hey...come to think of it..for 60 L$ each you can get them all!

SLC also has great 60 L$ offers! The Airy mesh blouse and the Airy mesh miniskirt in many colours are the 60 L$ WEEKEND offers, so you have to be fast to get those. The blouse and skirt come in many colours, I am just showing you 2.
The lovely Virginie hair I am wearing is from the huge hair sale at Truth. Most hair there is 75 L$ and some is 35 L$ and there is sooo much to chose from that I had a really hard time to make up my mind about which ones I would get...

The weekly 60 L$ offers by SLC are the lovely Lavina shoes and a Sexy Mesh Party dress. They also come in many great colours and again I am showing you just 2. This offer is just for one week!

Over to Ashmoot. They are participating in the Colour Explosion Hunt and what you are looking for is a color blob (look at the picture below). The hunt runs till May 31st and there is a HINT page available which comes in very handy. Ashmoot has put a male and a female gift inside their blob, the female one is a cute little dress, lollipop included. The male is a pair of great capri pants, which I am wearing with a free tee by Jane.

Marketplace, who doesn't like to shop there? Ember Tuqiri send me another great link to these sexy rompers in 6 colours. They are by (red)Sand and you get this complete set for free. Thanks Em !
Another great find on Marketplace is slip on dress by M&M. It is called Pamela and you can get it for just 1 L$. The elegant hair is Ylva by Alli & Ali Design, which is free for a LIMITED TIMe, so don't wait too long to get it.
The next dress is by MMayako and it is called SOS dress Floral. The jewellery is included. The shoes are also included. 1 L$ is what you have to pay fro this cute outfit.
Last one for today is a cute handkerchief dress by TCHU. It is called Laser Dress Pink and it will set you back 1 L$.