Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A new round for the Designer Circle and the left overs from my Marketplace tours

Morning readers (or afternoon or evening). The Designer Circle has started its 53rd round and they have some great offers again. Let me quickly explain: in the Designer Circle a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs for a price of 100 L$ or lower. NOTHING there is over 100 L$! A great way to get some great designs for a very low price. This round runs till May 11th so don't wait too long to hop over!
Then I have some goodies left from my stroll along Marketplace.
But let me start with the Designer Circle. These leather dresses are by Pink Cherry and they come in black or red at the Designer Circle. They are 99 L$ each. But there is more by Pink Cherry! They also have some great matching ethnic jewellery at the Designer Circle, each set contains earrings and bracelets either in gold, bronze or silver. Each of these sets is also 99 L$.
The lovely up do is one of the left overs from my raid on Marketplace. It is a hughe fat pack with many colours and with the matching hairbases and it is by Faenzo. The hair is called Uffie and you have to pay 1 L$ for it. I am wearing the red version here, but you will see it in other colours later.

Over to 1Hundred. They also have a great outfit at the Designer Circle. A cute skirt and top, called Slip on set. The set is available in white, black and plum and it is 95 L$ per set. I styled the black set with the ethnic jewellery by Pink Cherry (blogged above). I styled the other 2 sets with the great free Classic Pearl set by Lazuri. The long double strand pearl necklace is just 99 L$. The pearls are colour change by touch so you can adjust them to every outfit!

The next dresses are by Eyelure . A lovely summer outfit, called Bandeau & Fluff Mini set. It is available at the Designer Circle ladies.

Or you can go to the Designer Circle and get this lovely mesh dress by Immerse, called Katie. I styled it with the Florence set by Lazuri.

Over to some of my left overs. Alli & Ali Design have some great group gifts and voting gifts ladies. If you vote for one of the hairstyles at their store you will get this voting gift, the group gift is obviously only for group members. Joining is free. These gifts change every Friday at about NOON so don't wait too long to get them! Alli & Ali Design have these gifts for men and petites too, I am showing you them too.
First the group gifts:

And these are the voting gifts:

I also found some more hair on Marketplace. How about this hair by Boon?
Or this cute hair by Unique Design, called Amy? It is 1 L$ on Marketplace.
Or you could get this cute dress to wear with your new hair. The dress is by TCHU and it is called Mesh dress extreme. It is 1 L$.
Another dress by TCHU is this Mesh dress Springtime which is also 1 L$ on Marketplace.

Last find for today is by Novi Designs and it is called Polka Dot Mini dress. 1 L$ is what you pay to wear this fun dress ladies!