Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some more Designer Circle, some more hunting to do.

Morning Readers, In a few days I will leave for a well deserved vacation, but before I go I want to put all the great finds I still have in my inventory on my blog. Which causes major stress sometimes! But today I will just put some more items from the Designer Circle here. A lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs at the Designer Circle and nothing there is over 100 L$! This 54rd Designer Circle runs till May 25th, so don't wait too long to take a peek there!
The first of my finds at the Designer Circle is this great dress by Baboom. They have 2 great dresses on offer at the Designer Circle and this first one is called Zoe Fur Snake. 100 L$ at the Designer Circle ladies.

The next dress by Baboom is called Zoe Fur Gepart and it also 100 L$ at the Designer Circle.
The next dress is by GraffitiWear and this dress is available at the Designer Circle for 99 L$. A lovely golden dress, which you can wear with or without the lace pasties. GraffitiWear also has a lovely matching snow jewellery set with this dress, which is just 75 L$ at the Designer Circle. The other jewellery set I am wearing with this dress is En Tournant by Lazuri (not free, but the metal and gems are colour change so it is a great set to wear with all your outfits).

Over to Coco Sands. They have a cute sexy number on offer at the Designer Circle ladies. I love that pink on pink dress, soooo sexy! I am wearing the En Tournant jewellery set by Lazuri again with this dress, just to let you see how you can match it to your outfits. The dress including the Coco Sands shape is just 95 L$ at the Designer Circle. You can see the shape on the lower pic.

Another cute dress is the one by Bellamissimo. It is available at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ but there is a hud included and you can change the dress in ALL colours....
Last find at the Designer Circle is the great hair Calico Ingmann Creations has on offer at the Designer Circle, This hair is called Melody and you get a huge fat pack for just 100 L$.
I found some more hair, this time the newest group gift by ChiChickie. This lovely hair is mesh hair, but you can also wear it with an extra included flexi part, which gives it more movement. The hair is called Jacinta and the gift is the dark brown one. The hair is on special sale for just 95 L$ for a fat pack with all colours, but just for 3 days!
The next hair is by Alli & Ali hair and they have new group gifts and voting gifts at their main store.  Their group and voting gifts change every Friday at noon SLT, so don't wait too long to get the gifts!

Alli & Ali hair also have some great freebies on Marketplace. I am showing you just a few, the names are linked to the Marketplace store.
Yue hair.
Ramona hair.
And now back to the Colour Explosion Hunt. I explained a few times that you are looking for a splash of colour in this hunt. And I gave you the HINT & LINK page, which is very helpful. The hunt runs till May 31st.
So I am not going to explain that again...I will just start with my finds.
There are quite a few great tops & pants sets in this hunt and I will just show you which ones I found up till now. This first one was hidden at MuShi Doll and it is #56 in the hunt.
The next set is by Toxic High and it is #80 in the hunt. The set is just so cute ..and all you have to do to wear it is to find that colour splash at their store!
Toxic High also has a Midnight Mania board at the store and I was so lucky to get it here is what they gave me..
Then I found another set at Naughty Naughty and this one is in red and purple. Very sexy ladies, so if you like it, hop over to Naughty Naughty and start hunting. This is #45 in the hunt.
My last find for today are the cute PJs at Plowwies...or is it a jogging outfit? Well I don't really know but it is a cute outfit to wear on a PJ party I think. Plowwies is #49 in the hunt.