Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yes she is back....

Hello dear readers, if you still are here.
Yes you are not mistaken, I am re-opening my blog. I missed blogging a lot and finally I decided I wanted to share all my finds again with you all.

There won't be a blog every day anymore, but there will be a few per week, with the usual free items, cheapies, and some more expensive stuff, just because I like it :)

Thank you all who IMmed me and asked how I was doing, and all who told me they miss my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading it again :)

I am going to start a bit easy, I am out of practise after such a long time ! I have been stalking the Lucky chair at Maai! for a while and I was so Lucky to get a few great outfits.
The letters change every 10 minutes but there is always a crowd waiting so usually the letters change faster. Look at the pics below what I got and I didn't even get ALL the outfits in the chair! If you take the TP from my blog and you land in front of the store: take the stairs to the lower level, the chair is there in a small house.
This lovely gown is called Darla on fire. The lovely jewelry is by Lazuri, the double strand necklace and earrings are color change and they are FREE. The gold bangles were a group gift some time ago, also by Lazuri.
This lovely gown is called Danika corset dress with hat. The jewelry is by Lazuri, the same set as mentioned above. The lovely hair I am wearing is a gift by Exile, called Violetta. I don't know if it is still available.
This beautiful gown is called Queen dress in red and you can find it on the Lucky chair at Maai. The jewelry is by Lazuri, the same set as mentioned above.
This sweet dress is called Daniella blue flowers. The jewelry is a free perfect Pearl set by Lazuri. You can find it at the store but also on Marketplace. Necklace, bracelets, earrings and earplug, and rings are included.
This dress with jacket is called Ani dress and the jacket is included. I am wearing the classic pearl set by Lazuri with this dress, available at the store but also on Marketplace.
This lovely dress is called EDY and it is available in yellow and pink. The jewelry I am wearing with this dress is the lovely spring pastel set by Lazuri. The hair is by Elikatira, called Caramel (75 L$).
The next dress is called Grace. The jewelry is by Lazuri, the lovely Spring Pastel set.
This dress is called Komi and it is a lovely victorian style dress. The jewelry is by Lazuri and these bracelets were an older group gift.
Over to the sweet Misty dress by Maai. The jewelry is again by Lazuri.
The next dress is called Mina glitter dress in red. The jewelry is the free Multi strand set by Lazuri and the gold bangles were a former group gift.
This dress is called Vina lace dress in blue and the jewelry is the same I mentioned above, by Lazuri.
The name of this top is Lola Ruffled top. The jeans are NOT included. The jewelry set is the lovely Spring pastel jewelry by Lazuri. You can wear the necklace in a short version or a long one, and the gems, metal and Pearls are all color change!

The last 2 dresses I got at Maai are called Tammi and they come in 2 styles. I am wearing jewerly by Lazuri with these dresses. The free Classic pearl set and the lovely Spring Pastel set.