Friday, April 12, 2013

Sascha's Design

Hi there dear readers.
Today just a short blog and it is not even filled with freebies as you are used to. But it is one of the best offers I could find for you.
Sascha's Design owner and designer is Sascha Frangilli, and she has been designing great quality clothes for a very long time. There is a group called Sascha's Design and the enrollment fee is 100 L$. will get about 60 free outfits.
Just think of spend 100 L$ and you get 60 gowns and dresses....just a little more than 15 L$ each!
There is a free new gown every 1st of the month. And each week there are 2-3 60 L$ offers. And each week one of her best selling gowns is discounted 50 %.

Let me show you her newest design, the Damatjo gowns. They are partly mesh but they are so stunning that I didn't want to withold them from you. The Damatjo comes in 9 lovely colors and 3 of those colors are marked down to 400 L$. The regular price for this lovely gown is 600 L$.
I love the roses along the neckline...and the lovely lace parts....just a great gown like all Sascha's designs.

The next dress is called Cassandra in gold and it is one of the current 60 L$ offers. Just a beauty ...don't  you think? I love the glitter and the style.
The shoes are by N-Core, called Soul, and they are not free.
I styled the Cassandra with the lovely jewelry Aidoru has released. The set is called Kalya and the whole set is 380 L$ (you get 5 great pieces). But you can also buy each part separately.
This dress is also a 60 L$ offer at Sascha's and it is called Palazzio in choco. Can you believe you can get this gown for just 60 L$?
And the last of the 60 L$ offers is this cute mesh dress, called Dora. I styled this dress with jewelry and nails by Twishee (no longer available).

I want to show you a few monthly gowns too...this one is the April 2013 gown.
And this one is the March 2013 gown. Extra skirts to these monthly gowns can be bought at the store for just 75 L$ per skirt. Which means you can style these monthly gowns to your liking!
Last one is this weeks half price gown. It is the lovely Elysiee in red, a great gown with many skirt options. Just 275 L$ this week only ladies!