Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A little bit of this...a little bit of that...

Dear readers I just started blogging again and already my inventory is a mess with all my finds....and I am sitting here, thinking: how can I make a blog which is nice to read, has some great freebies on it, and still makes sence?
I can't.

So here is what you get today: A little bit of this and a little bit of that.
Let me start with Aidoru and not because their newest design is FREE...because it isn't. But because on April 30th the Netherlands will get a KING and a Queen...which is exeptional. The Royal house is the house of Orange, so Jara, owner and designer of Aidoru created a lovely (mesh) gown in orange. And a very elegant set of jewelry to wear with this gown. As I am Dutch I couldn't resist to put it on my blog...

The next items are a few of the freebies I found on the Kawaii Fair 2013. This fair runs till April 26nd and there are so many designers participating. You can find a page about the fair HERE. I must admit I had Ember Tuquri help me hunting...thanks Ember.
This first picture shows me wearing the fun jeans in pink ( 1 L$) by Que Bella. The top is by SexZ and the hair is by Tameless, called Anita (not free). The gifts are in the stores ladies...just find them :)

The next outfit: again the jeans by Que Bella (1L$) and the top is this time by R E D, a great black coset. The cute Vampire backpack is by Chibi Sekai. The necklace is an older gift by Twishee (no longer available) and the shoes are by HOC Industries (not free, 150 L$ for a hughe color and texture change pack).

Then I got another great top by Sassy from the Kawaii Fair and a fun cat by Freaky Designs. Freaky Designs also has a cute keycord with a cat as a gift.
The cute princess crown is by Sugar Button Boutique. So is the ice cream mouthy.

Censored is also particpating in the Kwaii Fair ladies and they have this great skin as a gift. The skin is called Teena and you get a LOT of lipstick layers too! All lipsticks come in normal and for fat lips.

If you want some new hair with these Teena skins you could try and find the gift at Simplicity. The hair is called Yulicie.
That was all from the Kawaii fair for today ladies. But I found some more goodies. How about this newest group gift by Ashmoot? Joining the group is free and Kristabel made a really fun (mesh) dress for the ladies. And a cute (mesh) shirt for the guys. Yes you are seeing that right...I was cold in my panties, trying on all the clothes, so I slipped into that male outfit to keep warm...

Over to 22769. It has been a long time I blogged them but I couldn't resist these lovely dresses and blindfolds. A bit 50 shades of Grey don't you think? Well the dresses are called Natascha and they come in 4 lovely colors. These dresses are avaialbe at the Gallery Gift Shop (not free) and they are available till the end of April.
The jewelry is the Queen of Hearts necklace by Lazuri, you will find it in their sale department. The necklace is color change by touch.
The hair is by Elikatira and it is called Caramel (75 L$).

The blindfolds are called Aldine and they are available at l'Accesoire. They come in many colors with either black or white Pearls. Hmmm....
The last one for today is the fun Mina hair I got from the Lucky chairs at Alice Project. It comes with an extension.