Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some Hunting to do and some more Designer Circle.

Dear readers,
You all know how much I love to do hunts! So today I thought I might try to do the Flower Petals hunt. And I didn't get to blog all the great offers at the Designer Circle either, so I will put some more of their lovely gifts here.
But first let me start with congratulating ChOoOz with their REZ day! They send out a fatpack of great shoes, called Moloko, in their group and I love them! The gift is FREE for everyone at the ChOoOz store.
Thank you for this great gift!
I am showing you just a few colors, there are many more in the pack.

And now over to the Flower Petals Hunt. There is a HINT & LINK page available and that is a great help by finding all the lovely gifts in this hunt. You are looking for a purple rose in this hunt. I have to warn you though: all items in this hunt are 1 L$. The hunt runs till May 10th.
The starting point is at Aubin Chimo. I found the lovely rose there and inside I found this great dress! The dress comes with a wet shirt top and a shrug to wear over the top in case you get too cold *giggles*
The lovely jewelry is the Queen of Hearts necklace and earrings by Lazuri, which you will find in their sales department. You can grab it there for 150 L$ and the gems and metal are color change by touch.

I found another purple rose at ~GL~shop, the shop from my friend Gaea. Ohh I love this butterfly dress ..and all you have to do to get it is find this lovely purple rose at her store!
The next stop in this hunt was 20Five. I found the purple rose there and inside I found this elegant pants & top set. While I was hunting at 20Five I also found a mushroom in the SIKH hunt. Inside was a lovely summer dress in pink and green. I styled it with lovely jewelry by Aidoru. This necklace is called Geo Choker and it has a beautiful backside. (not free)

Then I went to Kre-Ations where I found this lovely spring mouthy inside the purple rose. Kre-Ations also has a Lucky board and I was so Lucky to get a great Dalmation jacket from this chair! The shirt and pants are not included.

I stayed a bit longer at Kre-Ations as they had 2 great skins as a group gift. Joining the group is free...but I don't know if you will like a light blue Kiss of the River skin or a black Dark side of the moon skin?

I found another great skin hidden in one of the purple roses ladies. If you want to get these 2 lovely skins you have to hop over to AbFab skins and find the purple rose there! The skins are called Fleur.
Talking about skins...At the 52nd Designer Circle are a few great skins you can grab for 100 L$ or less! Yesterday I explained about the Designer Circle and about the great designers putting their designs for sale for 100 L$ or less. This round of the Designer Circle runs till April 27th, so don't wait to long to take a look there! I am giving you the landmark to the designers stores too, just in case you want to see more.

The first 2 skins are by Pink Cherry and the first one is called Milane Butter Gorgeous lips (99 L$). I am wearing the lovely STAR earrings by Fulo with this skin. Sometimes all a girl needs to wear is her skin and her earrings! The earrings are also available at the Designer Circle for 75 L$ but they are color change so you can adjust them to all your outfits! I am showing this skin on my own shape but also on the shape Anna Shapes has put at the Designer Circle. This shape is called Morena and you can get it for just 80 L$.
The second skin by Pink Cherry at the Designer Circle is called Milane Butter Peach shine (99 L$) and I styled it the same way as the Milane skin above.
Pink Cherry also has 2 great dresses at the Designer Circle. These lovely sequin dresses in halter style are available in black or blue and they are just stunning. Each one is 99 L$.

My last find for today: some more skins at the Designer Circle. These are by Step Inside and they are called Bella Skins limited. There is a shape available too. The skins are 99 L$.