Monday, April 29, 2013

Accessorize me ....PART 2

Hi readers, I hope you liked my jewellery blog yesterday! Today I am concentrating on hair! We all know a gown or any outfit can be made extra perfect when you are wearing the perfect hairdo ! So I picked up a few great hairdos in different styles for you!

Here goes:
Let me start with a few free hair bases, just in case you need those.
You can get a free pack at Exile or at their Marketplace store.
Or you can get one at Catwa.
Or you can get them at Eep.
Or you can get them for 1 L$ at Amacci.

The first hairdo is by Beautiful Dirty Rich. It is called Lois. The hair can be changed in edit, so you can adjust the colour if you like. You can find this hair in the free fatpack.
I found a few more hairstyles for free at Beautiful Dirty Rich, like this one, called Selma. You can find itr in the free fat pack of hair.
And this next hairdo, called Uma, is also free by Beautiful Dirty Rich. You can find it in the free fat pack.
This hairdo is called Maddy and it is perfect to wear with a gown. You can find it at Beautiful Dirty Rich.
Beautiful Dirty Rich also has a HUGHE fatpack on Marketplace. It contains many hairstyles and they are just too cute! I can't show them all, but I am showing you below a few examples.

Over to Alli & Ali hair. It is one of my favourite stores and they have so many free hairstyles, you won't believe it! ATTENTION: The free offers are just for a limited time, so don't wait too long to get the hair you like !!
I am showing you 12 free hairstyles by Alli & Ali hair below, the names are linked to the Marketplace store by Alli & Ali hair.
This hairdo is called Amandine.
This hairdo is called Jeanelle.
This hairdo is called Colleen.
This hairdo is called Loreen.
This hairdo is called Lucille.
This hairdo is called Ludvika.
This hairdo is called Martha.
This hairdo is called Rafaela.
This hairdo is called Ramona.
This hairdo is called Vanya.
This hairdo is called Yue.
This hairdo is called Zafrina.
This hairdo is called Zelda.