Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wearing a crown on the Fantasy Fair

Hi readers, Today I am going to start with the Fantasy Fair (you can read all about this fair HERE). This fair is all about Fantasy and it runs till April 28th. There is a lot to see and find on this fair, I will show you what 22769 has there for all Fantasy lovers. 22769 has this lovely Queen dress on this fair and you can also find the matching bone crown there. The crown comes in many clors (just showing you the red) and the gown comes in 4 colors as shown. The fun elf ears are also on the Fantasy fair in 2 varieties.

Another great unisex outfit by 22769 on the Fantasy Fair is this Leader outfit. It is available in 4 colors.
I am wearing the newest release by WoW skins on this blog. This lovely skin is called Rosa and it comes in milk, tan and sunkissed. (NOT free).  I am wearing a freckles layer by Glamorize with this skin (not free but very cheap). There is also a Rosa shape available. The lovely hair is Beatrice by Tameless (NOT free).

I still have to finish the 7th Unknown hunt. This hunt runs till April 30th, so there is not much time left to find all these lovely goodies. You are looking for a hummingbird (or a dove, I really couldn't tell) and there is a HINT & LINK page available.
I landed at Toxic High and found this sexy set inside the hummingbird there! The cute flats are a new release by Aidoru, called Roses for my Queen (NOT free). The lovely jewelry is the Queen of Hearts set, you can find it in the sales department of Lazuri.

Toxic High is also participating in the Atooly Blooming hunt. I stumbled over the round box of this hunt while at the store.
It turned out that Toxic High also is participating in the MAH hunt, and I found the 2 hearts of this hunt there too! So look around ladies, there is a lot to find.
The next hunt item I found at Toxic High was an easter egg. It turned out that it is the hunt item in the SHS Hunt. I actually found 2 of these eggs and this was inside:
Toxic High has a questionmark board and I was so Lucky to win this sexy butterfly outfit. The red outfit below is from the Lucky chair at Toxic High.
Another hunt item was a cute small bench which was from the LYCBN hunt. Turned out that Toxic High is participating in this hunt too! And look what they are giving away! The cute shoes are by Pixelmode and they are called Fae (NOT free).

The last find on this blog is the cute dress that is hidden inside the hunt item from the 7th Inknown hunt at Nyhilistic. And if you are wondering where I did get those cute bird poses...I found them inside the hummingbird at Kokolores as a hunt gift!