Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some days are just sooo busy...

Hi readers, sometimes I have days that are so busy that I really don't have any time to find great freebies or cheapies ...and other days I find so much that I don't have the time to blog it all! This is one of those days..I have a lot to blog but I can't put it all on one blog...
There is the 7th Unknown hunt which ends on April 30th and there is the Feria 'd Avril which also ends on April 30th. I took a lot of pictures of the great gifts there, but when I checked the landmark it turned out it si all gone...sorry :(
So it is a really short blog today...
Just one picture of the Feria d'Avril ladies, and only because I got a lovely set of Classic Pearls by Lazuri. The pearl set is free on MARKETPLACE but also at the store. And in the store you can find the 3-double long pearl necklace for just 90 L$! The Pearls and metal are color change by touch, as you can see below, so it is a set that you will be able to wear with al your outfits!

In the 7th Unknown hunt you are looking for a hummingbird I think, it is a bird...or maybe a dove. Anyway if you get stuck go to the HINT & LINKS page. I found this cute bird at Fab-Fae. Inside was this elegant dress! And the cute hat is another gift in this hunt, and it is yours if you can locate the bird at Laureens Secrets. The hat is color change with a hud.

Then I went to Kathleens and after a while I found the bird. And this great dress...WOW....
Another store which is participating in this hunt is Celtic corsets. They, ofcourse, hid a corset inside their hummingbird! And the elegant flower cage with bird is the gift in this hunt by Pernickity. The tank and leggings are a freebie by Jane.
The next stop in this hunt for me was Knockers. They are giving you this very elegant cocktail dress IF you can find the bird...The jewelry is by Lazuri.

I also found a very cute skirt in this hunt and it is by Owl Toast. You just have to find that bird to wear it too! The teal sweater is by HOC Industries (there is a hughe wall with freebies outside the store) and it is a freebie there, called Low Cut Sweater (you can change the color in edit). The cute poses are also a gift in this hunt and they are by Starry Heaven.

Another great gift is this cute outfit by Just Pale. The cute booties are included. Go hunting there and this outfit is yours to wear!
Last one from teh 7th Unknown Hunt is the shape Saal Body has put inside their bird of this hunt. I am showing you my own shape too, so you can compare. The skin is by WoW skins, from the Flawless Spring sale (till April 28th) and it is 50 L$. The hair is a new release by Tameless, called Petra. Happy hunting ladies!!
Aidoru has made some great stuff in orange in honor of the new king and queen the Netherlands will get on April 30th. It is not free, but great to wear on this festive day! You can find it in the Aisoru MAINSTORE or in their AMSTERDAM store. The orange Pearls are an older hunt gift by Purple Moon.