Sunday, April 28, 2013

Accessorize me...PART 1

Dear readers. Sometimes I am wearing a gorgeous gown but I really can't decide which jewellery to wear with it. Or which hairdo. Anyway I was looking for some cheap or free jewellery, and for some great free or cheap hairdo's I found so much that they will be on 3 blogs!
So today my blog is all about jewellery and I will add a few great gowns to wear the jewellery with.
Let me start with the many group gifts I picked up at Finesmith. The group is free to join and there are many great gifts. The lovely updo is by Pocket Mirrors and it is called Myrtle. You get a pack of 4 colors for 1 L$.

Then I walked over to Marketplace where I found this lovely set by LC, called Spirit of the Sun. To my surprise today it is completely gone! But I found other diamond earrings and a matching necklace by LC. Each is 1 L$. The lovely hair is called Ylva and it is by Alli & Ali hair (offer is for s limited time, so don't wait too long to get it).
I am wearing this diamond necklace set wit a lovely gown by Ignoto, called Larissa gown. You get a pack of 5 lovely colours for 1 L$.

The next find is a lovely long necklace by MyLady. It is free on Marketplace.
The lovely earrings from the Fall Collection by JCNY are free and they will go great with this necklace.
You could decide to wear the lovely gown by CW, called Tolerance of love with this set. I can't believe was free and now it is 75 L$! Which is not much, but I can't believe that a lot of items I picked up for free all of a sudden are raised in price! Sorry for that ladies...It is a lovely gown though. I hope you can feel my frustration, this happened a few times now this week!
The hair is Beatrice by Tameless (NOT free).

Anyway I found another jewellery set that would go great with this gown. A lovely set n gold and I checked: it still is free. The set is called Lullaby gold and it is by C&C.
Over to my last find. A great pair of earrings called Encircled earrings and they are free by Amorous.