Monday, April 23, 2012

These boots are made for walking...

I have been on the subscribo list from Hoorenbeek for ages and they are giving away some great presents to people who have been on their subscribo list for more than 2 weeks. No worries, the freebies don't change that often, so if you subscribe now they most likely will still be there.
These boots are GREAT !!!
Hoorenbeek is also giving away a lovely mesh sweater and shirt. Actually that is for guys, but I tried it on too. The problem with it is that the Alpha layer is hughe and it covers your legs too...which can't be their intention. So you will see on the pic that I have no lower body...
These cute shoes are the group gift by BabyMonkey for St. George Day. WOW Thank you so much Pixieplumb :). While you are at the store look around ladies, there are lucky boards and lucky chairs and lots of group gifts around.
Then I did some more hunting in the FashionCentric hunt. You have to find an orange triangle with a hand on it. There is a HINT PAGE available on which you can see the hunt item too.
I found some really nice skins in this hunt. These ones are by Dulce Secrets and they are called Nuala.
And these ones are inside the hunt item at Pirate Arts. The skins are called Pin up skins and the rest of this great gift was blogged yesterday: pin up clothes and shoes.
The next skin is by Kyxe skins & shapes and it is also a gift in the FashionCentric hunt.
There are not only skins in this hunt as you already saw on my blog the last few days. There are also many lovely clothes to find !
Like this lovely dress with shopping bag which you can find inside the hunt item at The Phoenix Collection.
Or this cute outfit which you can find if the lucky chair at Marcel's Beautiful Creations shows your letter.
Tempting Sinsations gives you this outfit if you can locate the hunt item from the FashionCentric hunt at their store !
And yesterday I blogged the pants that LoPo has hidden inside their orange triangle with the hand on it from the FashionCentric hunt. Today I styled them with the cute top 1Hundred gives away as a hunt gift!
Or you can wear the cute corset top by Perception, which is their hunt item in the FashionCentric hunt.
There are some more tops in this hunt, like this one by WyldFlower. Find the hunt item at their store and it is yours :)
And this lovely top is the hunt item at Kashoey. You just have to find it at their store !
With those jeans and tops these shoes by Viviane Fashion are perfect ...they are so cute and fun. And they are inside the FashionCentric hunt item :)
The next sexy body suit is by Purple Moon. They are also participating in the FashionCentric hunt and if you find the hunt item at their store this elegant suit is yours.
Last one from the FashionCentric hunt is Zinas. They have this sexy bikini and 2 different jackets hidden inside their FashionCentric hunt item !
Zinas also has a lucky board at the store and this is what I got  there.
Then I found this elegant top by Purple Moon on Marketplace. It is called Floral Blouse and it is free. I am wearing free jeans by Peer with this blouse and lovely bangles by Rock Kandy. The cute shoes are by Viviane Fashion (new release)
With the next outfit I am wearing the Rock Kandy bangles with jeans by VA Creations, The jeans come with a belt and you get several colors. I am wearing a tank with them by Davinel. Booties by Viviane Fashion (new release)

The same VA Jeans and the Rock Kandy bangles are on the next pic. But this time with  the hoody by Insatible Fashions. 1 L$ for this hoody ladies !
And this cute blue sweater is by VS Style and it is 1 L$. The jeans are by VA Creations.
I am just showing you different ways to style one pair of jeans ladies. This time I am wearing a cute hoody with the VA Jeans. The hoody is by My London Girl and you can find it on their Marketplace store.
Last one with the VA jeans: a lovely Union Jack top by MyTs. 1 L$ for this top girls.
And I found a really cute Tiara ! It is 1 L$ and actually it doesn't go with anything on this blog, but it is a lovely thing to wear with a gown.
I also found a cute AO (animation Override) by EyeCandi. It is 1 L$ but if you are new on SL it is a perfect AO to start with and to lose your duck walk...