Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's all about your body....

After all the shoes yesterday there won't be ANY shoes on the blog today...and this first sentence is not true as I am wearing shoes with the lovely La Seine dress/gown that Sascha's Design has as a new release. The La Seine comes as a short dress but you get several gown options too. It comes in lovely colors and at the moment 3 of those great outfits are just 450 L$. The one I am showing in honey color, is one of the three 450 L$ outfits. The lovely shoes are FEMME by N-Core (not free), the great necklace is blogged before, Queen of Hearts by Lazuri.
But with the lovely skins by Beautycode I am not wearing any shoes ! They have a new released skin, called Sophia and this elegant skin comes with teeth options and many lovely make-ups! NOT free as it is a new release, but a must have skin !
Showing you also the Sophia SHAPE.

Over to another new release. Aidoru has released these great Tupac style tattoos! They are for males and females and they are so good !
Then Eyelure has new make up on their marketplace shop. I love their make up...and these ones are Pouty Full Face make-ups. 49 L$ for this make up ladies !
Then I did some more hunting, again in the Runway Perfect Hunt. You have to find an entrance ticket at the participating stores and you can find teh HINT PAGE to this hunt when you click the link.
I found quite some make-up in this hunt too ! Like this one by White Widow. You also get a male outfit if you find the ticket at their store !

More make up is hidden inside the hunt ticket at Madrid Solo Fantasy. You get a full make up, or you can wear every part of the make up (blush, eye shadow or lipstick) separately.
And Lovely MI also has some great make-up hidden inside their Runway Perfect ticket. You only have to find it at their store to get this great package.
More pretty remarkable make-up it the hunt gift by A.S.S. I really didn't know what to think of it...but it is a great gift :-)
Another complete make-up is hidden by Oceane. It is almost goth make-up, very dark, but beautiful done.
Crie+ Style gives you red eyes. Not because you start to cry...no just because they hid these red eyes inside their Runway Perfect ticket!
Then I went to Moondance Orchid & Lotus and they have these lovely nails as a hunt gift. WOW I really love them.
These nails are color change with a ud..and you can change every finger separately, so you can create your own style! Isn't that a great hunt gift by My Pretty Pixels?
Almost done for today ladies...This great dress is the hunt gift by Bubble Design. Ohh you really have to hop over and start hunting ladies, this dress is to die for !
Another great outfit is the one that CHG Fashion has hidden inside their Runway Perfect ticket! It is a cute secretary look and oh so sexy!

Last one for today is the colorfull gift by Prism. Just look for the ticket ladies and this lovely outfit is yours :)