Monday, April 16, 2012

Shoes...more shoes...SHOES !!!

A few days ago I met a few new arrivers in Second Life and I noticed they were wearing shoes....which is nothing special you say? But these shoes shouted I AM NEW ...from a distance! I suddenly rememberred how hard it was to get some great shoes. So I did a little search to find great shoes for a low price.
But let me start with a new release: Dartmoor boots by Loordes of London. They are released on the 15th of April at the Tropicalia Bazaar. NOT FREE!
The rest of what I am showing you is free or 1 L$ no worries new arrivers: you will surely find something on this blog that is worth to get.
These next boots are by Sole Sisters and they are 1 L$. So is the matching bag! Sole Sisters always has a dollarbie (1 L$) pair of their shoes take a look around ! The shoes below the boots are also by Sole Sisters and also 1 L$.

The next shoes are from the Runway Perfect Hunt. You have to find an entrance ticket at the stores that are participating in this hunt and inside the ticket is a free price. Like these shoes, which are the hunt gift at B!asta.
Or these elegant booties, which are the hunt gift in the Runway Perfect hunt at Quintessentia.
Then I hopped over to Jazzy's design to find the ticket and inside I found these lovely platform shoes !!

Another store which is participating in the Runway Perfect hunt is Drakke and you get three pairs of shoes if you find the ticket there.
I took a look at Marketplace and I found quite a lot of shoes there ! Like these lovely flats which are a dollarbie at ChOoOz. You get the complete package for just 1 L$.
Some more flats are these black ones by Naofan Teardrop and they are totally free.
The next shoes and sandals and boots are all by West Coast Influence. They have many dollarbie shoes at their Marketplace store and I will just put the landmarks above each pair of shoes or boots. Remember: each pair is 1 L$.
WCI blue platform with bow 1 L$.
WCI Platforms 1 L$.
WCI Strappy sandals 1 L$.
WCI boots 1 L$
WCI Biker boots 1 L$

WCI Race boots suede 1 L$
The next boots are by XinXan Bota and they are called Radikal black boots. 1 L$ for this great pair of boots.
And these boots by K&C Fashion and they come with a matching necklace ! The stone beads are the same as on the boots. Just 1 L$ for this pair of boots including the necklace.
Well you do not always want to wear shoes or boots. Sometimes you want to wear sneakers or chucks...and these cute ones are 1 L$ and they are by Energy.
Some more shoes...wedges actually, and they are quite expensive: 5 L$. They are called Barbados wedges and they looked much nicer on Marketplace than they look on my feet :)
The next shoes are also 5 L$ and they are called ZC Decideria black sandals. They are simply cute :)
If you do not like Marketplace much you can hop over to Felicity and join the group for 30 L$. For these 30 L$ you get loads of free group gift shoes, all the vendors that are placed on the floor are group gifts. I am showing you just a few, but there are lots more !