Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's all about gowns and the right accesoires.

Gowns, who doesn't like them? We don't wear them in RL that much (at least I don't) and it is a joy to wear one in SL. They always fit, they are not too heavy and you can even run in them :)
So how do you like this lovely gown by Cilian'gel? It is their gift in the Black Widow hunt (you have to find a skull with a black spider on top of it). The items in this hunt are 1 L$.
It is a great gift, thank you Cilia :)
And the next gowns are all from the FashionCentric hunt. You can find the HINT PAGE when you click the link. You are looking for an orange triangle with a hand on it in the participating stores which you can see on the hint page too.
And because I found the triangle at Sophistishapes and this is the lovely gown that is hidden inside !
I also went to Kakia Design to find the triangle there. Another lovely gown ...lovely blue shade and great details !
Another designer that gives away a gown in the Fashioncentric hunt is Cero Style. You only have to find the triangle at their store to get this lovely gown!
If you find the hunt item at Sacred roses you get a way different style of gown. A lovely teal color and a mermaid style gown is hidden inside the hunt item !
And this sexy gown is the gift in the FashionCentric hunt at Jazzitude. The shoes and bangles and glasses are included.
Another gown can be found inside the hunt item at Rebel Hope Design. You only have to find the triangle to get this elegant pink gown :)
I styled this gown withthe lovely necklace Kunglers has put in their triangle and the gold bow you can find in the FashionCentric hunt item at MIM.
Kunglers also has a lucky chair at the store and this is what I got there !
The cute shoes are Audrey pumps by BabyMonkey (not free but very affordable).
Wild Serenity also has a beautiful gown as a gift in the FashionCentric hunt. Use the HINT PAGE to get some hints ladies, it is very helpful !
Another store that is particpating in this hunt and has another very sexy gown hidden inside their hunt item is Unforgetable Temptations ! Find the hunt item to get this lovely gown !
Unforgetable Temptations also have a lucky Cupcake at their store, and this lovely top with a butterfly on the back is the gift I got from the cupcake!
That's all the gowns I found in this hunt (I didn't go to all the stores yet). I did find some lovely cocktail dresses though, and this one is the one I found at Paris Metro, hidden in the orange triangle from this hunt ! The bangles are included.
And this cocktail dress is hidden inside the hunt object at Es-Stylez. Shoes are included.
Another cute cocktail dress is this red one which is hidden inside the orange triangle at Nils Islands store. Go hunting ladies to get this elegant dress.
To wear with these lovely gowns and dresses these shoes by Mimi's Boutique. Just find the orange triangle at the store and they are yours !
Or you can go to Bens Beauty and if you find the hunt item at their store you can wear these lovely diamond earrings with all your gowns and dresses.
Bliensen & MaiTai have lovely bracelets hidden inside their hunt item and you can easily wear them with the gowns or dresses above. But they also go great with a teeshirt and jeans :)
Another shop that has lovely jewelry hidden inside their hunt item is Earth Bangles & Other Creations. The store is not very large so you it's not too hard to find the hunt item.
The next great collar is also perfect to wear with a simple gown or cocktail dress. It is the hunt gift in the FashionCentric hunt at Zibska and the collar is called Cerys.
Over to the last item for today ! A great HAT which also goes great with cocktail dresses or gowns ! It is the hunt gift at AD Creations. And if you want to have it you have to hunt for it !