Thursday, April 19, 2012

I am late...I am late...

Today is one of those days that I am running around, shouting "I am late...I am late..." and it feels like I get nothing done! Do you have those days too? I bet you do and you know the feeling!
So I am late with several group gifts and stuff. I will start quickly so you can still get them in time ! Like this elegant gown by Azul. It is their newest group gift!
Morea Style alo has a great new group gift! Wow another amazing gown ! I feel like a little princess today with these lovely group gifts!
Morea also has a Midnight Mania board with this lovely pink blouse.
22769 also has a new group gift: this great outfit !
22769 also has a great mesh dress available at the Gallery (not free but very affordable).
The next dress is a freebie by Arctic Storm and you find it under the stairs at their store. Necklace and shoes are included.
The other free dress you will find there had a problem with the skirt, so I am not showing it.
This outfit is from the Midnight Mania boards at Gold in the night & Lady Mor. There are many Midnight mania boards around and also lucky chiars so it is worth to have a look around.
Over to BeautyCode. They are participating in the FashionCentric hunt and you have to look for a triangle with a hand on it. I found the one at BeautyCode and this lovely Hailly skin was inside !
They also have a lucky chair and and a Midnight Mania board (100 clicks needed).
The next outfit is by JayDee Fashion and it is also a gift in the FashionCentric hunt, so find the triangle (orange) with the hand on it at Jaydee and this outfit is yours.
This crown of thorns is the hunt gift by House of Rage in the Runway Perfect hunt. You have to find an entrance ticket at the participating stores (see previous blogs) and inside  are the most lovely gifts. Like this one.
Another store that is participating in the Runway Perfect Hunt is Aurora Borealis. If you find the ticket there you will get these lovely bracelets.
And Tres Beau has this lovely set in silver or gold hidden inside their Runway Perfect Ticket. The only thing you have to do to get this set is to find it.
Chop Zuey also has a hidden ticket at their store. It is a beautiful necklace with matching earrings. Worth to search for ladies !
The last one from the Runway Perfect Hunt is Artistry and they have a beautiful set in 3 colors as a gift. WOW amazing ladies. The set comes with bracelets, earrings, a ring and a lovely necklace.
The designers are so generous in this hunt. Thank you all !
Over to MARKETPLACE. I found this elegant dress there, a lovely summer dress in soft lilac. You actually get it in 2 colors. It is by Asteria Creations and I styled it with a Beloved necklace and earrings. The Beloved choker is 1 L$, so are the Beloved earrings. Poses are by Diesel Works.

This lovely dress is by Wetherby and you can find it on Marketplace. I styled it with a lovely MESH necklace I also found on Marketplace. It is by Modern Eelegance.

The last one for today is this lovely gold gown by Maliks Creations.
Then I styled it with the Chrystalis Topaz set which is 10 L$.
I styled this elegant gown with different jewelry. This necklace is the Darkcircle Mirabella by GANKED and the bangles by Lixena Marcus.