Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So little time and so much to blog !

Today I have some really nice goodies for you and some really crazy stuff too !
Let me first start with a lovely new release by Sascha's Design. The dress is called Laitha and comes in many lovely colors. Just showing you the gold one. Four of these lovely Laitha dresses are marked down to 220 L$ which is a steal !
Then I got this lovely outfit by 22769 from the Black Market FLTO. The mesh top and skirt can be worn separately or together and the set is just 100 L$. The matching clutch bags are both also available at the Black Market.

22769 offers this Mesh dress and the white skirt at Fashionably Late. The shirt is an older freebie by Nautical (does not exist anymore), the necklace is by Mezzo from their lucky boards. The cute clutch is the gift by 22769 in the Runway Perfect hunt.
I styled the white mesh skirt above with the cute free top by Patula's House.
Patula's house also has some really GREAT shoes for free ! Thank you so much Sue Trallis (she gave me the tip), wow they are amazing !
The next shoes are the newest group gift by M's Avon. The group is free to join and they have many many lovely group gifts. Don't forget to click their Midnight Mania board too !
Over to something really elegant. I got this lovely bag and the sunglasses at Orage Creations. They are free gifts at the store !
And this cute bag is a gift from the lucky board at T&S Glamour design ! The cute dog moves and even is ever so cute !!
This hair is a gift from the lucky chair at Battle Angel. You get 4 lovely colors !!
And this hair is also a gift by the midnight mania board at the U-Neek !
The U-Neek is the starting point for the Crazy Hair hunt ladies, which runs till end of April ! You have to look for this item below. There is a HINT page which you can find HERE.
If you find this hunt item at the U-neek you will get this crazy hair !  The U-Neek has no less than THREE hunt items hidden and this is the price in the second hunt item, so keep looking ! The skin is part of the hunt gift !
The second hunt gift at the U-Neek looks like this:
The last hunt item at the U-neek contains this great hairdo. I love that Giraffe !!!
The U-Neek is also taking part in the TRPH2 hunt and if you find the hunt item from this hunt you will get these 2 great hairdo's. One is called Ice, the other is called Fire.
Over to another shop that is participating in the Crazy Hair hunt. I went to Curious Kitties and they have this crazy hair for you...IF you find the hunt item at their store !!! The hint site is very helpful !!
The next shop is Vanity Hair and I got this crazy Shell hair there !
The last one for today is Take a Li Li and they have really special hair hidden in the hunt object from theCrazy Hair hunt. You get several colors, I am showing you just a few. The back is spectacular with this hair !