Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just singing along...

The radio is on and I am quietly working on my blog. Hmm not very quietly as I am singing along with this song.
And what am I preparing for you today? Let me start with the Monkeying Around hunt. Guess what you are looking for? A banana !!!
Oh Shoot is taking part in this hunt and they have put this great outfit inside the hunt item and the hunt starts on April 7th. The cute shoes are by {Polished} (not free, they are called Tressa).
Oh Shoot also has some very cute shoes as an Easter gift. They are just 19 L$ and they have a little green bunny on the front and a cute bunny tail at the back !
Another hunt that is going on is the Black Egg hunt at American Bazaar. The poster is below, with details.
And this is the hunt gift I got at American Bazaar from this hunt. There is also a male hunt gift at the store.
GraffitiWear has this cute outfit as a gift for their subscribo members.
And this elegant outfit, including the shoes and the necklace, is the gift by GraffitiWear for their VIP members !
GraffitiWear also has some very cute new releases. I love those jeans skirts, they are 65 L$ each, the fatpack of 3 is 190 L$. I am wearing another new release by GraffitWear with these skirts, cute cropped tops. Each top is 45 L$ and the fatpack of 3 is 135 L$.
The next gowns are from the lucky boards at Pas De Deux...I know I blogged this store before but they have so many lucky boards and so many lovely prices.

And ofcourse Mother Goose is always good for another new skin ! These are from their lucky boards.

I have some more crazy hair for you! You have to find the hunt item at the praticipating stores to get this crazy hair and I found it at I Bizarre Hair. It is a bee hive, with bees and if you look closely you will see the queen bee in the hive :)
The next hair is also from the CHH and it is the gift by Bare Rose. All you have to do is find the hunt item from the Crazy Hair hunt at their store and it is yours to wear !
Anothe crazy hairdo is this one with the lovely flowers. You can find it inside the CHH hunt item at House of Zsa Zsa.
And what about thiss crazy hair? It is yours if you find the hunt item at Vita's Boudoir !! Ohhh I love this hair, I love the sweet dragonflies on it.
Concrete Flowers also has some great hair add ons hidden inside the hunt item from the Crazy Hair hunt ! I am wearing Tameless Tatiana hair with these add ons, and you can wear them all together or each one apart !!
The next hair is by M&K and it is not really a hair but more like an add on. Find the CHH item at the store and you can add it to your own hairstyle.
The last one for today is by Grim Bros. They have this great monster hairdo as a gift hidden inside the hunt item from the Crazy Hair hunt !!