Monday, April 9, 2012

Hair and skins and new releases by Aidoru.

Just hair, skins and jewelry today ladies, no clothes at all. But hey...a new hairdo always brings me in a good mood ;)
Never a bad hairday in SL, always a flawless skin...don't you wish you had that in RL too?
Let me start with Alli & Ali. I blogged their Easter hunt yesterday, but
they have also changed their group and voting gifts at their MAINSTORE.

And Alli & Ali always have very elegant and very special freebies at their MARKETPLACE store.
The names are links to the free hair, the offer is for a limited time only, so don't wait too long.

Next are the skins Dulce Secrets has as a new release. The skins are called Pandora and they come in several lovely make ups. NOT free though.
These skins are free and they are by Urban Girl. The skins are called Allison and they were send out to the Urban Girl subscribo group. They have a 10 L$ store too, and the skins there are just 10 L$.
These next skins are by JeSyLiLo. They are free, I am showing you the pale version, there is also a bit darker version available and some male skins for free.

JeSyLiLo also has a lovely group gift at the store. It is a lovely spring skin...
Al Vulo also has a group gift at their store and this skin is called Leilani. I really love this skin.
The next skin is by ~BC~Skins & shapes and it is their group gift/reopening gift at the store.
Over to some more hair from the Crazy Hair Hunt. You have to look for this hunt item at the participating stores to get the crazy hair they have hidden.
There is a HINT PAGE which you can find by clicking the link. It is very helpful.
The store I went to is #29, which is Heroin. They have this crazy hair as a gift for you if you find the hunt item at their store ! You get 3 haitones and the hair is amazing !

I didn't find #30, Nebuchadnezzar...sorry...but I did find the hunt item at #31 Malizz Yiyuan. I love those little birdies pulling my hair :)
#32 in this hunt is C&B Design and they have this great under water hair for you...I feel like a mermaid...look at the little sea horsies cirkling around my head !

FrouFrou has this crazy hair for you hiden inside their hunt item. It is fun to wear and you get several hairtones so you can pick your fav one. #33 in this hunt.
#34 is Ripe and they have this lovely flower hair as a gift in the Crazy Hair hunt ! Just find the hunt item and it is yours to wear ! The butterflies are included.
Syds is the next store and #35 in this hunt. They have this elegant crazy hair as a gift.
Last one from this hunt for today is Sentou Youssei and they have hidden this crazy hair in 2 tones insid ethe hunt item. The HINT page is very helpful ladies, that is why I put the store numbers with the pictures so you can find the hint on the site.
Last item for today are the newest releases by Jara, designer and owner of Aidoru. She creates the most lovely jewelry, from THANK YOU him & hers rings, to full face piercings, lovely Ti Amo bracelets, beautiful chokers and even lovely eyes...cats eyes included. Just hop over to Aidoru and take a look around, I am sure you won't leave empty handed there !