Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lay off the Easter eggs and start shopping !

Did you all eat those yummy chocolate Easter eggs? And you feel like your dresses and gowns won't fit anymore? Just go shopping ladies, nothing works better than getting some really nice new stuff.
Just TP to Purple moon and do the Easter Egg hunt. There are 10 eggs hidden (lilac with white dots) all over the shop and if you find all 10 you get all these lovely gifts below !!

Or you could visit the Designer Circle, where a lot of great designers put one or more of their designs up for sale for 100 L$ or less. Like P.I.X.X.I.S., they have these 2 great outfits at the Designer Circle. And the cute nerd glasses are there too for just 1 L$.

There is an Easter Egg hunt going on at Alli & Ali hair. There are no less than 40 Easter eggs on the sim and they give out various hair to the lucky finder !
It lasts till tuesday and there are 5 hunt locations.
1. Here, 2 Here, 3. Here, 4. Here, 5 Here.
The next dress is an Easter group gift by Hot Stuff. Grab it before Easter is over ladies !
And the newest group gift by Mary Jane shoes will go GREAT with this dress, lovely blue stilletos !
This next outfit is a gift from the Midnight Mania Board at Envious. They also have a lot of lucky chairs but the letters change every 30 minutes so it is a loooooong wait for your letter to show up. R didn't come once so I can't show you what they have as gifts in the chairs.
Over to  the group gifts at Hipnose. They change often and they have lovely group gifts (also for guys!). These are the ones I got.

Last one for today are the {Sexy Bish} Free Frenzy Hunt gifts. You can get them until April 30th andthey are all new, exclusive and free! It is a hunt though, so you have to find the hunt item to get this complete avatar (with skin, shape and hair) and the great clothing.