Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ready to get Enticed?

Hi there Readers!
Today on this lovely Wednesday I have some Secret Wednesday offers for you by Entice. They have plenty specials on Wednesday and they are all 99 L$. I can't show them all, I will just show a few...but it is worth to teleport over to Entice and have a look at the other 99 L$ offers!
On my blog today I am wearing Susse in darktan with cleavage option by WoW skins. This skin comes in 5 skin tones and each one is 300 L$.
The sexy hair is by Tameless and it is called Tia. It is a NEW RELEASE. This hair comes with an easy to use colour change HUD which changes the hair tone into no less than 30 different ones. You can go for a pack of natural colours, fades or fantasy. Each pack, including the hud, is 249 L$.
This first dress is called Legs dress and it comes in a ruffles and a solids version. The dress comes in the standard Maitreya, Belleza and Slink sizes and there is a HUD included which changes each version of the dress into 3 lovely shades.
Another Secret Wednesday offer by Entice are the matching Legs Booties. They come with a colour change HUD too and there are 3 basic colours, but you can change each part of the booties separate.
There are 2 versions of these booties: Basics and Colours and each version is 99 L$. I have been playing around with the colours so you can see a few possibilities.
The bangles I am wearing with each dress are FREE from Marketplace. You can find the BLACK ONES HERE (they are 1 L$), the RED ONES HERE, the YELLOW ONES HERE and the BLUE ONES HERE.
Over to the newest group gift by Entice. Their group is free to join and this lovely Evil Ways dress with a colour change HUD is totally free for group members.
The lovely colour change necklace is a hunt gift in the Dirty Turkey Hunt. This hunt runs till November 30th and there are #100 stores to visit. But - of course - you can just pick out the stores that are your favorites from the LINK & HINT page which is available. You are looking for a round box with a turkey on it in this hunt and all gifts are FREE.
This necklace with the colour change HUD (10 colours) is the hunt gift which is hidden inside the round turkey box at #4 Glitzz.

And the KTNetwork hunt runs till November 30th. In this hunt you are looking for a small flat package with a bow. Each hunt gift is 10 L$, so it is NOT a free hunt. If you can locate the hunt package at Entice this great That Belle Dress is yours, including the HUD that changes this dress into 3 pink shades. HINT: This hunt has gone to the dogs!
The Delma Allure booties I am wearing with this dress are by B!asta and they are their new Gacha gifts. There are 9 different colours you can get and for B!asta group members the first try is FREE! The group is 50 L$ to join. Each try is 75 L$.
Then I did some more hunting in the Dirty Turkey Hunt. This sexy sweater was hidden inside the round box with the turkey on it at #43 Sweet Eagle. The dress (as they call it, but is shows your private parts if you do not wear pants with it) is called Slutty dress.
The Moon necklace is also a gift in the Dirty Turkey hunt and it is yours if you can locate the Hunt box at #57 LeForme.
The cute booties are again from the Gacha at B!asta and each try is 75 L$.