Thursday, November 12, 2015

A new store with new free gifts and some more hunting to do.

Good Morning Readers!
Today on my blog I want to introduce you to a new store I found: Tiffany Designs. And I did some more hunting in the Dirty Turkey hunt, going to show you which gifts I found in this hunt too. And I found some more free hair for you (and for me). So lots of free stuff on my blog today.
But let me start with Tiffany Designs. They have some awesome gifts at their store. There are also 5 lucky chairs (also with male gifts inside) and there is a free sexy dress to find. I am just showing you a few things I got there.
This lovely dress called Hilary is the SLF&O gift at Tiffany Designs. The SLF&O group is free to join.
The sexy shoes I am wearing with this dress are called Regina and they come with a colour change HUD to change every part of the shoes in several colours. They are by Like Design and they are 250 L$. You will need Slink High feet to wear these shoes.
On my blog today I am wearing Susse in darktan with cleavage option by WoW skins. This skin comes in 5 skin tones and each one is 300 L$.
The hair is by Analog dog and you can find it in their Free Ball together with 2 other hair styles and a pack of free hair bases. This hair is called Lolli and it comes with an extension and with a colour change HUD. The ball is in a restricted area, there is something wrong with the access. You can see the ball from where you TP and cam in and click on it. The ball is under the trees.
I am wearing the same lovely Regina shoes with the elegant gown by Tiffany Designs which I got from their Midnight Madness board. There is no group needed to click these boards. The gown is called Monique. The hair is again from the Freeball at Analog Dog.
Then I got this great Cami sweater by Tiffany Designs. You can find it again on the counter at their store. You can also find the IPhone there in black or white. Both are free, sweater in 5 colours and IPhone in black or white. The cute Gucci booties are again a gift at Tiffany Designs on the counter. They are for System feet.
The cute BabyGirl jeans are by DMZ and you can find them TOMORROW on the Jackpot Gacha Fair. This fair has NOT started yet, so please wait before you go there! You can find this sexy pair of jeans for just 30 L$ at the DMZ Gacha.
The hair is by Calico Ingman Creations and it is from their Midnight Mania board. The hair is called Rachael and you get a huge pack with all thinkable colours. No group needed for this board.
Over to the Dirty Turkey Hunt. This hunt runs till November 30th and there are #100 stores to visit. But - of course - you can just pick out the stores that are your favorites from the LINK & HINT page which is available. You are looking for a round box with a turkey on it in this hunt and all gifts are FREE.
I landed at #50 OMG to find this awesome leather dress inside their hunt box, even though the outfit is called Leather Vest. This elegant dress comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour into 6 great colours.

I am wearing another gift from the Dirty Turkey hunt with this dress: a beautiful golden Pentagram necklace. You can find this elegant necklace in the hunt box at  #72 Clockhaus.
Even the shoes are a hunt gift ladies! Go hunting for these Slink High shoes at #56 Illi shoes.
The sexy hair is by Tameless and it is called Tia. It is a NEW RELEASE. This hair comes with an easy to use colour change HUD which changes the hair tone into no less than 30 different ones. You can go for a pack of natural colours, fades or fantasy. Each pack, including the hud, is 249 L$.
The poses I am using below are by Pink Insidious (PrincessMode) and they are from either their Bitter, Egotistic or Pesky pose packs. Each pack is 149 L$
My next find is this cute Summer dress with HUD. It is the gift you can find inside the hunt box at #06 Unique Phaze. The hud changes the top and skirt separate and there are many options to wear this lovely dress. Just showing you how I have been playing around with the HUD.
The lovely razor bracelet is hidden inside the hunt box at #67 Secrets. Go hunting ladies if you want to wear the dress or the bracelet!
Then I found a more...ermm....seductive outfit inside the hunt box at #20 Stelloane. This latex outfit comes with the thigh high boots and all you have to do to get it is locate the hunt box at the store.
And if you want a padlock in your nose you have to go to #25 Superbia. I admit: it looks strange on me...but I am sure some of you will love it. So go find the hunt box and it is yours.
Another participant int his hunt is #11 Arise. Inside their hunt box I found this cross tattoo. Something you fancy? Go hunting!
With this Cross  tattoo I am wearing the hunt gift I found inside the hunt box at #15 Whatever. It's a lovely nose ring with a colour change HUD to change the metal, the beads and the rings.