Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New round of the Designer Circle and some more hunting to do!

Happy Tuesday Readers!
Today on my blog some offers you can find in the new round of the Designer Circle. It is their #118 round and this round runs till November 28th. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 200 L$ so you won't break the bank by shopping there! Lots of great Second Life Designers offer one or more of their designs there.
And I did some more hunting in the Dirty Turkey Hunt which runs till November 30th. There are #100 stores to visit. But - of course - you can just pick out the stores that are your favorites from the LINK & HINT page which is available. You are looking for a round box with a turkey on it in this hunt and all gifts are FREE.
And I went to the Free Dove, a place I went to a lot when I was new in Second life. To my surprise they still have awesome gifts and not only for new residents!
But let me start with the Designer Circle first. Today on my blog I am wearing the lovely Divanity skin in darktan with cleavage option. This skin is on offer at the Designer Circle by WoW skins and you have a choice of 5 beautiful skin tones. Each one is 199 L$ and Omega appliers are included.
With this skin I am wearing a great outfit which is on offer at the Designer Circle by Pink Cherry. This outfit is called Justine and it comes in 4 colours. I just adore that hanging coat ....perfect! Each of these outfits is just 149 L$.
The lovely hair is Louisa by Truth hair and it is send out in their Subscribo group. Join the group and look at history and you will get this lovely hair along with a colour change HUD to change the hair in many lovely tones.
My next find at the Designer Circle is this great Oreo Sun dress by GraffitiWear. This lovely dress comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of the dress and the belt in 4 different shades. There are 4 different packages to choose from and each one is 175 L$ including the HUD. Showing you below one of the 4 packages.
With this dress I am wearing a gift I found in the Dirty Turkey hunt: a lovely pentagram necklace in gold. It is yours if you can find the round box with the turkey on it at #72 ClockHaus.
Over to the Dirty Turkey Hunt. I just love to hunt and this hunt is not that hard. The round box with a turkey is in general easy to find, though some are tiny and you have to zoom in to see the. And some are hidden very well.
But it is totally worth to go hunting at #51 Hollipocket. This great dress is hidden inside their hunt box and who doesn't want to have it? The elegant shoes are called Rita and you can find them in a hunt box too. For these shoes with a colour change HUD you have to find this box at #19 NoName. The sneakers I posted yesterday are in this hunt gift too.
I am wearing a group gift jewelry set by Finesmith with this dress, the Finesmith group is 150 L$ to join but there are several previous group gift available.
And if you can find the hunt box at #66 Sour Pickles this fun dress is yours to wear. I though the collar #48 DUH would go great with this dress, am I right? Well go hunting if you want this collar too, you also get a version with a ring on it.
My next stop was at #46 Twinkle and I found this great jeans and sweater set as a hunt gift in their hunt box. just perfect for the colder Fall days !
Now if you want to create that sexy look on the pictures below you have to find the hunt boxes at 2 stores. The top is hidden inside the box at #63 Bust and the panties with garters are hidden inside the box at #82 BabyDoll.
The next 2 dresses are free at Free Dove. They are by Vimtrimi and they are called Bandage dresses. They are just too good to miss, the red one is perfect for Christmas I think....with the right jewelry and sexy shoes.