Thursday, November 26, 2015

Gobble it for Free.

Hi there Readers!
Today some more hunting to do. The Dirty Turkey hunt runs till November 30th and there are #100 stores to visit. So you have to hurry if you want to find all the great gifts you can find in this hunt.
But - of course - you can just pick out the stores that are your favorites from the LINK & HINT page which is available. You are looking for a round box with a turkey on it in this hunt and all gifts are FREE.
Today I landed at #37 Epoch to find this awesome onesie inside their hunt box. And as it soon will be snowing, I thought it was a great outfit to build a snowman in.
The warm scarf is hidden inside the hunt box at #99 Bad Unicorn and you just have to find that box to wear it.
The hair is the hunt gift at #94 Static Hair. You get several colours of this hair if you find that box.
I just love the skin I am wearing on my blog today. This beautiful skin is called Divanity and it is on offer at the Designer Circle by WoW skins in 5 skin tones. Each skin tone comes with Omega head/body appliers and each skin tone is just 199 L$.
Or you could decide to wear the scarf by #28 Etham with this outfit, also a nice warm winter scarf! Just find that hunt box and it is yours.
Another participant in the Dirty Turkey Hunt is #96 V-spot. They have this awesome hoodie (for males) as a hunt gift hidden inside their round turkey box. It is yourts if you can find the box at their store!
My next find is this great outfit by #35 Sakide. If you find the hunt box you get a lovely fringed top, sexy panties and a short skirt to wear. The outfit comes with a colour change HUD to change the colour into black, grey or white.
The tattoos I am wearing are also a hunt gift and to get them you will have to find the hunt box at #07 Insanya. You get darker and lighter versions of these sleeves, and there are 2 different versions inside the box.
The shoes by #79 Laitreya Foot Fashion will go great with the outfit above. The shoes come with a colour change HUD which changes  the upper and lower part of the shoes in 8 different colours and the metal into silver or copper. Just showing you several options below.
Over to the more elegant outfits. This beautiful top is the hunt gift at #25 Heartistic. If you want to wear just go and find that box with the turkey there.
The jeans are not included.
And this elegant top & skirt are hidden inside the hunt box at #90 DuJour design. It is a very sexy wrap top, the star is NOT included.
The lovely poses with the candles are also a hunt gift and to find them you have to go to #81 BellePoses. You get several lovely poses and the candle holders are included.
The lovely hair is Louisa and you get a fat pack of this hair if you subscribe for free at the Truth subscribo.
To wear with this dress the Warhol shoes by #80 Emporium would be great. Just go hunting there and these exclusive shoes will be yours to wear.
Finally I found these awesome nails to go with all outfits above. They are for Slink hands and feet and they are the hunt gift at #88 Bella Elephante.
They will go great with every outfit.