Monday, November 16, 2015

Gifts, Hunts, and a lovely free outfit to support France.

Good Morning Readers!
Today I want to sart my blog by showing you a lovely free outfit by Ana Markova to support France. This beautiful outfit is free and it comes with a Paris top and a plain top. No group needed, just a beautiful outfit to show we are thinking of the French people and their losses. The matching face tattoo was send out in the WoW skins group.
On my blog today I am wearing Susse in darktan with cleavage option by WoW skins. This skin comes in 5 skin tones and each one is 300 L$.
The lovely hair is Louisa by Truth hair and it is send out in their Subscribo group. Join the group and look at history and you will get this lovely hair along with a colour change HUD to change the hair in many lovely tones.
Ana Markova also has a gift at their store for SLF&O group members. Joining this group is free and there are many designers who have a gift for this group.
Another store that has 2 great gifts for SLF&O members is Tris. They have a random hair giver and a fun outfit (including boots and a colour change HUD) right next to the entrance. The hair giver gives you a colour of the hair at random, I got the golden one this time.
DMZ is participating in another great Gacha Event: the Jackpot Gacha. You can win these lovely outfits below, each try is just 30 L$ and the sets are just awesome!
My next find are these 2 great coats which you can find inside the Midnight Mania board at B!asta. There is no group needed for this board and the coats are just too good to miss! They are perfect for Fall. I am wearing a group gift jewelry set by Finesmith with these coats, the Finesmith group is 150 L$ to join but there are several previous group gift available.
My last find for today are some gifts you can find in the Dirty Turkey Hunt. This hunt runs till November 30th and there are #100 stores to visit. But - of course - you can just pick out the stores that are your favorites from the LINK & HINT page which is available. You are looking for a round box with a turkey on it in this hunt and all gifts are FREE. I started at the starting point in this hunt: #01 Razor. Inside their hunt box I found this great pair of slacks and the small body bag. I think the pants are actually for guys, but the smallest size fits me too kinda.
The hoodie is the hunt gift at #42 Styled at Random. It comes with a colour change HUD to change the texture into 4 colours.
The shoes are hidden inside another hunt box and you have to go to #19 NoName. If you can locate the hunt box these high tops are yours, including the HUD which changes the colour of the shoes into 3 shades and the size of the shoes too. The elegant shoes I am wearing with the Paris outfit above are also in the box.