Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekend and it still is raining...

Hi readers, do you hate it too when it is weekend and it keeps raining? It is supposed to be spring here, but the sun doesn't seem to know that yet. Anyway...I have some awesome goodies for you all. Let me start with the new 60 L$ offers at Sascha's Designs. Each week on Friday the 60 L$ offers change and this week you have a choice of 3 great ones! There is a lovely dress called Tracy in peach, very 50th style and I love it. There is a sexy evening gown called Plenty Purple, which is showing lots of leg, and there is a fun cocktail dress called Beatrice in pink. Each just 60 L$ and the lovely jewellery I am wearing on the first picture is the Fall Romance set by Lazuri (was a former group gift) and on the lower pictures the lovely jewellery is by Zuri, called Equestian Cameo set blue (NOT free).
Then I went to E! . They are closing, but before they leave there is a lovely Goodbye gift for all at their store. Thanks for all the lovely designs E! and be well.
B!asta has a great weekly Grab-A-B!asta at their store, a cute sailor dress called Seven Seas so Blue. The dress is fitted mesh, so you need the newest viewers to even see it. Just 50 L$ for this beautyful dress.
Over to Wetherby's. It is really hard to believe but you get a free dress EACH DAY at Wetherby's ladies. Mrs. W does an awesome job! The dresses and outfits are just available for group members (joining is free) and they are just there for one day. So I am showing you a dress from a few days ago...but each day there is a new awesome one !! There are accesoires for sale too, like shoes for about 30 L$.
The elegant clutch I am wearing with this dress is by Ashmoot. You can find it on their stand at the Spring Wishes Market, which runs till March 30th for just 10 L$.
Then Tameless has a few lovely new releases. NOT free ladies, but the outfits at Tameless are all 149 L$ and you get all you see on the vendors, which means shoes or boots are included, so is the necklace in this first outfit, which is called Safe for work! You get a HUD with this FITTED MESH dress, which changes the colour in a lot of beautiful shades. The elegant hair is also a new release and it is called Deridwen. Each fat pack of hair at Tameless is 249 L$, be it the naturals pack, the fantasy pack or the fades pack.
The next hair and outfit are also a new release by Tameless. The lovely outfit with the boots is called Bold and you get 3 colours of this outfit in one buy (149 L$). The hair is called Pru and the hat is colour change (249 L$ for a fat pack of Natural, fantasy or fades colours).