Sunday, March 9, 2014

I feel sooo irrisistible!

Happy Sunday readers!
Today just 3 stores on my blog: B!asta and Irrisistible shop and Mackenzies Designs.
Not because I am lazy but because these 3 stores just have some awesome outfits you should not miss!
Let me start with B!asta. They are participating in the Retro hunt and this hunt runs till March 15th. You are looking for a disco ball and it you can find it at B!asta this great retro dress in 2 colours is yours! You can find a HINT & LINK page here.
The skin is the newest group gift by WoW skins, called Sid. (Joining is 300 L$,but you get a box with previous group gifts too)
The hair is Evion by Tameless, new release, so NOT free (249 L$ per fat pack of natural or fgantasy colours)
The lovely jewellery is the Eda set by Lazuri (Not free).
The fun shoes are by Essenz and they are called Buenos Aires (not free).
B!asta has a Grab-A-B!asta each week on offer for just 50 L$ and this week it is a set of great Betty Oops tops. You get 5 colours and a hud to change the perfect for spring!!
Then I went to Mackenzies Designs. They have this lovely Izona dress on offer for just 55 L$ and you can chose from 3 lovely colours! My favorite is red as you can see!
The lovely jewellery is the Celeste set by Lazuri (not free).
The lovely skin is Nicole - darktan cleavage option - by WoW skins (the shape is also by WoW skins: Donna) NOT free.
The beautiful hair is Zaida by Tameless (new release - 249 L$ per fat pack of natural or fantasy colours).
Irristisitble shop has a group which is free to join ladies. And believe me...consider joining! Because they have so many awesome group gifts!! Look below what you get if you join.
The Neco Steampunk accesoires gift and the Dark Cats couple accesoires contain ONLY the accesoires, not the jeans and the top!
With the Sexy dollar swimsuit is the black hair, the sunglasses and the jewelery included.
And Irrisistible shop is participating in a hunt too. The Twisted Hunt Magic runs till March 31st and you can find all information HERE. You are looking for a rotating purple cube and if you can locate it at Irrisistible Shop you will be the proud owner of this fun Magic Twisted woman outfit...including the magic wand and the rabbit in the hat!