Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick Day

Morning Readers!
It is St. Patrick day today, and really I have NO clue what it is all about. I don't live in Ireland, but I do respect celebrations in other countries! So today I am going to start with the newest group gift by Purple Moon, a lovely white and green gown with a lot of cloves on it. Free for group members! And Lazuri also has a lovely new group gift: a set of earrings, bracelets and a necklace with cloves. Joining this group is 250 L$, but you get a lot of previous group gifts too!
The lovely skin & shape are by WoW skins, and it is Donna, cleavage option, make up #2, tan. I tweaked the shape a tiny bit to fit mesh better. (NOT free)
And the fun hair is by Tameless, called Evion ruby tone (NOT free).
There is a special sale at WoW skins ladies, which I did not want to keep from you! Read below:
17-31 MARCH 2014!
We are having a crazy exclusive sale, search for the skins marked with the sale tags
1) Buy 3 get 2 FREE
2) Buy 2 get 1 FREE!
3) Buy 1 get 1 50%OFF!
Fatpacks are not included, Appliers are not included, Shapes are not included.

Then I went to the Designer Circle again and I got some awesome outfits there. This round runs till March 22nd, so don't wait too long to get those bargains!
This first outfit is by E-Clipse and they have these great pants and jackets on offer at the Designer Circle. They are called Early Spring and the pants are 75 L$ each and the jackets just 99 L$. Each pair of pants and each jacket comes in 3 colours.
The mesh hands & feet are free, I blogged them yesterday. It is a bit complicated to find them, but they are just awesome. Read all bout how to find them HERE.
Another great find at the Designer Circle is the lovely cardigan Baboom has on offer for 99 L$. Love the sequin details...perfect to go clubbing!
Then I heard there is a Gatcha Festival and this month it is a Survival Gatcha Festival. The theme changes each month I understood. Each month they hide a group gift too and this month you will find it inside a tin! And this is this months theme:
Survival Camp!
The tiger roars, a snake near the well,
This jungle is your personal hell.
The weather hot and steamy warm,
try to keep your mind just calm.
Nothing to eat and around a swarming,
Is there really not any harming?
Darkness falls fast over the land,
Welcome to Survival Camp.

You can try your luck there on many Gatchas, I am just showing you a few options. Most gatcha's are just 10 - 20 L$ per try and it is fun!
These first Gatcha's are by [[A.R.C. + F.N.]] and they have a gatcha with throat tattoos, but also one with lovely nails (you need to have the SLINK enhancer - 150 L$- or the SLINK hands though). Just showing you 2 options, there are 6 different ones to win! 20 L$ per try!
And this one is by Luz, she has great earrings in her gatcha! Again just showing you 2 options, there are more to win!
The next one is by ~GS~ and it is 45 L$ per try...but you get a cute camo dress each time! There are 6 different colours to win.
The lovely boots are also by ~GS~ and they are 50 L$ per try.
The next backpack is also from the Catha's and just 10 L$ per try! It is by The Dark Rose.
And this cute pet follows you is by FHHS and it is called Tagalong. Try your luck at the Gatcha to get your favorite one.
Then I found these cute necklaces with survival drinks...who can survive without espresso??? There are several others to win and they are by BLD.