Thursday, March 13, 2014

Feeling Lucky today?

Good Morning Readers,
There is a new Gatcha fair going on at the moment, called Luck of the Irish. Many great designers are participating, and is you are lucky you can get some awesome things for a very low price! If you do not know what a Gatcha is: you pay a certain amount of L$ and you get randomly one of the items in the Gatcha. WoW skins is participating in this Luck of the Irish Gatcha and they have 9 great items inside their Sara Gatcha. You can get 6 skins or any of 4 appliers for 100 L$ per try. There are 2 RARE skins and I am showing you #1 and #2 and #4 below (#2 and #4 are rare). Each skin come sin 3 skin tones and a matching shape is also available.
Ther FRECKLES are not included, I am wearing a freckle layer from Marketplace, which is by Glamorize and which is 5 L$.
The lovely hair is by Tameless and it is called Zaida (ruby version). NOT free.
Then I joined the Wetherby group again. I was a member a long time ago but I needed the slot for another group, but I kept missing their lovely free stuff. Each day there is a new free dress for group members, can you believe that? I am showing you the WEDNESDAY dress below...but I am sure the one for today is just as lovely! Joining the group is free!

Over to the Designer Circle. This round of the Circle is running till March 22nd, and there are many great bargains to find there! Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$. Like these elegant dresses by Pure Poison. They are called Valeria and they are just 99 L$ each! You can find them at the Designer Circle ladies!
I am wearing beautiful shoes by Essenz with these dresses. They are called Venice and they come in 5 great colours. Each one is 100 L$ at the Designer Circle. A bargain for such quality shoes!!
Then I did some more hunting in the Womanstuff hunt. This hunt runs till March 30th and there are 200 shops to visit! You are looking for a red sculpted tee shirt in this hunt and you can find their HINT & LINK page here, which is very helpful!
I am just crazy about retro dresses and when I unpacked the red teeshirt I found at #26 Just Because I was pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful dotted dress inside as a gift! If you want it too...go find that tee ladies!!
And my next stop was at #25 Osito. They have a fun pink dress as a gift in this hunt and it is hidden inside that red tee shirt at their store! Go hunting ladies to get this lovely dress!