Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Do you love Black & White?

Hi there Readers!
Today on my blog quite a mix again. I was at the Designer Circle, I did some hunting and I picked up some awesome group gifts!
A lot to chose from and I hope you will find at least something you want to have on my blog! Let me start with the newest group gifts by CoCo. They have a lot of previous group gifts available too, and joining was free when I joined, so I hope it still is! I got this lovely turtle neck sweater, the skinny jeans and the warm boots there ....
The lovely skin & shape is Donna tan, make up #2 by WoW skins (NOT free)
The elegant hair is Zaida ruby colour by Tameless (249 L$ for a fat pack of nmatural colours).
The beautiful nails go with SLINK hands or with SLINK nail enhancer, and they are by Allusions (75 L$ for a huge pack with over 30 colours)
Then I went to the Designer Circle. Their current round runs till March 22nd and nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$. And what did I find there this time? This great warm sweater by Loordes of London. The sweater comes in 5 great colours and each one is 70 L$.
And I also got these cute jackets and pants at the Designer Circle. They are by JK Style and they are called Delaney. You get a HUD with the jackets so you can colour change them! Just 60 L$ for this great outfit ladies!!
And my next find at the Designer Circle is by Mu-shi Doll. They have this elegant cocktail dress on offer at the Designer Circle in 3 great colours. The dresses are 99 L$ each. The elegant necklace is a find on Marketplace and it is by Bird next door. The necklace is 10 L$.
My last find at the Designer Circle is one of my favorites. I just love the poses Icons of Style have...and they have 3 packs on offer at the Designer Circle this time. The poses are called LEGS UP and each pack is just 55 L$!!
Over to the Womanstuff hunt. This hunt runs till March 30th and you are looking for a red sculpted tee shirt at the participating stores. There is a HINT & LINK page available which is very helpful. I found a few great black and white outfits in this hunt which I want to show you below. The first one you can find inside the red tee shirt at #78 Psy's Closet. The lovely boots are included. Isn't that a great gift? Go find that tee!
The lovely hair is Evion by Tameless (249 L$ for a fat pack of natural colours).
And the other one also comes with boots. It is hidden insde the tee shirt at #59 Image Reflections. So if you like this outfit too, go find that shirt at their store!
My last find is the newest group gift at B!asta. This lovely set, including appliers for Lola's, is free for group members (joining is free).
The hair is by Emo-tions and it is called Anita (NOT free).