Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's SUMMERTIME in Europe

Morning Readers!
Almost the last day of March and we are on Summer Savings time now, which we call Summetime! Made me think of this great SUMMERTIME SONG!
And it is also the end date of the Womanstuff hunt! So I am putting a last time gifts from that hunt on my blog today. And there are some awesome offers from teh Designer Circle on this blog too, but their round ends on April 8th, so still a week to go.
Let me start with the Designer Circle. I am wearing a lovely dress on the first picture and this dress is on offer at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ in 3 great colours.  The designer is Eylure.
The lovely skin is also available at the Designer Circle. It is called Leandra darktan and it is by WoW skins. The skin comes in 3 great skin tones and they are 99 L$ each. There is also a shape available and all appliers too.
And these great jackets are by Loordes of London and they are on offer at the Designer Circle for 70 L$ per jacket. There are 5 great colours to chose from. Perfect on those colder spring days ladies!
Over to the Womanstuff hunt which ends today! There is a HINT & LINK page available and you are looking for a red sculpted tee shirt in this hunt. Each hunt item is 1 L$.
My last finds...well I landed at #93 Black Rose Fashion and inside the red tee shirt was this great jeans skirt, a sexy top and awesome shoes ! Isn't that worth to go hunting for ladies, especially if you love the Brittish?
And then I went to #46 Luxuriant. They have this great top as a gift in this hunt and the jeans are also included. Just find that red tee shirt if you want to own these lovely items.
I found quite a lot of dresses in this hunt, so over to the dresses. This first dress is for the colder days, and it is the hunt gift at #105 Curvalicious. The cute booties are included.
The lovely jewellery I am wearing with this dress is also a gift in the Womanstuff hunt. Find the tee shirt at #47 Timeless design and it is yours!
The next dresses are perfect for spring ladies. This first one is hidden inside the hunt tee at  #54 NSP. They make lovely flower arrangements and this dress has beautiful flowers on it. Just 1 L$ if you can find that red tee shirt.
And this dress is by #70 U.Refined . A sexy Summer evening dress ladies and all you have to do is to find the red hunt tee shirt!
The lovely jewellery is from the Kaya 1 set by Lazuri (NOT free).
Another great dress is hidden in the red tee shirt at #69 Mesh Theory. Just one day left to get this great dress ladies, just find that red tee shirt!
And my last find is this fun red  and black dress which is hidden inside the tee shirt at #61 Glitterati by Sapphire. The booties are included!
Too bad the hunt ends tomorrow because there are so many great gifts to find! Thank you all Designers !