Thursday, March 6, 2014

Are you ready for Spring?

Well readers I am ready for spring. We had a beautiful day today and I just missed the sun for too long. But blog has to get ready, so I am sitting behind my PC ..thinking about what to show you today. The last items from the Designer Circle, and some great hunt gifts...would that be ok?
Well here goes...the Designer Circle. This round runs till March 8th so hurry if you want to get one of their fab offers! Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and it is a great way to fill your inventory with great design!
I found these great cardigans including the dresses by Hollyhood at the Designer Circle. They are 99 L$ each and they come in 4 great colours!
The lovely hair is by Tameless called Zaida ruby version (249 L$ per natural or fantasy colours pack).
The elegant skin is Nicole by WoW skins, darktan cleavage version (not free) and the shape is also by WoW skins, Donna (not free).
The jewellery is by Lazuri, All Glam diamonds set (Not free).

Then I got another offer by JK Style. I blogged on of their offers at the Designer Circle yesterday, today I am showing you their other offer: Taryn. You get the sexy jeans and a lovely top and a HUD to change the colour of the top for just 60 L$ ladies..don't miss out on this great offer!
And I found a few great shapes at the Designer Circle too! This first one is by Anna shapes and it is on offer for just 80 L$. The name is Kendrah.
Coco Sands also has a shape on offer at the Designer Circle and a lovely dress too. The name of the shape is Tina2 and you pay 99 L$ for the shape including the matching dress!
The bangles are also available at the Designer Circle and they are by Baubles by Phe (100 L$ for a silver and a golden one).
The next shape I found is by Vivid and they have this great Bailey shape on offer at the Designer Circle. The shape comes in a taller and a smaller version and a busty one and a less busty one. So you can pick how you want to look! The shape is just 95 L$.
Vivid also has a great set of nails on offer at the Designer Circle. For these nails you need either the SLINK hands (2250 L$ for a fat pack) or the nail enhancer, which works with regular hands (150 L$). The set of nails is 75 L$.
Now with all of these lovely shapes I am sure you want to wear a new skin. Well WoW skins has a beautiful new group gift out. Joining the group is 300 L$ but you get a large box with all previous group gifts and the chance to click their group Midnight Mania boards, and their 10 Lucky boards (group only). The name of this beautiful skin is Sid tan.
And 7 Deadly S[k]ins also has a new group gift out. Joining this group is 99 L$ and the skin is just awesome. Where can you get a beautiful skin like this one for just 99 L$ ladies?
Then I did some more hunting ladies. I love the Womanstuff hunt, which runs till March 30th. You are looking for a red sculpted tee shirt in this hunt and each hunt gift is 1 L$. There is a HINT & LINK page available in case you get stuck!
I landed at #32 Jewellery Exchange. They have this lovely necklace with an elephant as a hunt gift hidden inside their tee shirt. I am wearing this lovely necklace with the hunt gift by #13 Gizza: a great cognac coloured cardigan. The jeans I am weraing are by DMZ and they are called Frida jeans (NOT free). And the lovely shoes are also a hunt gift in the Womanstuff hunt, they are by #29 Lindy shoes.
I am wearing these lovely Lindy shoes and the DMZ Frida jeans with another hunt gift: a sexy top called Cute red Baseball top. You can find it inside the tee shirt at Epic, which is #44 in this hunt.